Monday, May 28, 2018

6 Efficient Tips for Better Home Cooling You Can Use Today!

6 Efficient Tips for Better Home Cooling You Can Use Today! The weather is finally changing and it’s time to take a look at what your options are to cool it down inside. You don’t want to just run your AC all the time. It’s not only an energy waste but you’re going to pay for it too. Luckily, there are options you can make use of and today, we’re going to share six of our favorite with you.  Here are some hot tips for staying cool as we dive deep into summer. To give you an idea of where we’re going, let’s start with some basics you’ll want to use right away. First of all, reduce the cooling load by using cost-effective energy conservation measures. Then make sure you have effective shade coverings for east and west windows. And of course, when possible, try to avoid heat-generating activities such as dish washing and especially baking, until evening on hot days.
Now let’s get to the good stuff.
Keep the heat out. During most of the hot season, do your best to keep the windows and doors closed tight during the day with the suggested window coverings stated above. Don’t let in unwanted heat and humidity. Ventilate at night either naturally or with fans.
Go with white. White reflects sunlight and heat, so using white window blinds and shades during the hotter months will help to make sure that less heat enters your home. By preventing your home from heating up, you'll stay cooler and also put less stress on the cooling systems reducing your energy bill significantly.
Keep the air moving. Another lower cost way to keep cool in summer is to use a ceiling fan. While a ceiling fan does not lower the warm temperature, it cools you circulating the air more vigorously. Ceiling fans are low in price and consume far less energy than an air conditioner. By using a ceiling fan in an air conditioned room you will be able to set the thermostat higher and still feel comfortable. Since a ceiling fan cools by circulating the air, you need to switch it on only if you are in the room. This will also help reduce your energy bill.
Dryer is better. In hot, humid climates, make sure that the air conditioner you buy will adequately get rid of high humidity. Models with variable or multi-speed blowers are generally best. Try to keep moisture sources out of the house.
Outside measures. Just as white blinds and shades help reflect sunlight and heat away from the windows, a light colored roof will reflect heat away from the roof. This will mean that your home will be significantly cooler over all, in the summer months.
Inside wisdom. Plants absorb both the light and heat from the sun and convert it into energy for growth and cleaning the air. Additionally, during photosynthesis, plants release water into the air, thereby cooling the surrounding air. When you have a lot of plants around your home, they cool the general atmosphere around them, reducing the amount of heat entering your home. Additionally, you can also plant shade giving trees around your home to further reduce the heat reaching it. This will enable you to use nature to keep your home cool in the hot weather.
As you can see, it’s not so complicated. Of course, there are things you’ll need to do, but it won’t take long and the pay-off is worth it. And of course, if you'd like to make a bigger effort, but would rather not cut the extra sweat, talk to us at Unique Home Building and tell us how we can make your summer a cooler one!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

These Might Be the Happiest Home Remodel Ideas You’ve Found!

These Might Be the Happiest Home Remodel Ideas You’ve Found!Your life is only as happy as the home to come back to. Sound to simple? We don’t think so. Where you live is where you eat, sleep and spend time with the people you love - so you want it to feel good.  Your home needs to be the place where you can go at any time of the day and find sanctuary from the daily hustle, rest for your body and connection with the people you love most. If that doesn’t sound like your home, it might be time to make some changes. We’d like to share our favorite three tips you can add right away so you don’t have to wait for the finished projects to give back.
Start with everyone’s favorite home addition: plants! From small succulents to large potted tropicals, plants always bring a home to life. Having lots of green around your house allows you to feel much better and happier daily. Whether you are bringing in plants to your space or choosing to update your exterior, plant life will enhance your life quality. They clean the air, soothe the senses and promote relaxation. Of course, before you dive in, be sure to consult with a plant expert to make sure you’re getting the right plant for your climate and home air quality!

Next, what’s easy to do is to work with your lighting. You can add lights in corners, wrap rope lighting around the perimeter or add dimmers to create flexibility. Installing lights that can be brightened or dimmed allows every mood to be complemented and every celebration to feel right at home. An added bonus? You will be amazed by how soothing a well-lit space could be! It's a necessity and easy improvement.

Lastly, make sure every room makes way for relaxation and fun. So many people forget to plan for fun and then when they’re ready for it, they don’t know how to make it happen! Home has become the place where they eat, sleep, work and bathe. Fun gets forgotten and this has to change. To add a bit more enjoyment to your house, you may consider creating more recreational places. One idea is to have a rec room that can be used in many ways. You could have a pool table that doubles as dining for a feast. You could have a home entertainment as well as a shelf for yoga mats or floor pillows to instantly give a more relaxing and unwinding feel. As well, installing a pool or jacuzzi can be appreciated year round in the right climate and may raise your house’s worth. Put items to the exterior of the house that’ll provide satisfaction for your family, like a basketball hoop. It's not only enjoyable, but it’ll give the children space to move their bodies which is never a bad thing.

As you can see, these tips are simple to use and can be as easy as switching up some basic decor or as incredible as adding a room or remodeling what you’ve got into the perfect, most welcoming spaces you’ve always wished for. In or near Dallas? The contractors at  Unique Home Building are happy to help you get on your way; call us today!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How to Make Your New Kitchen Tile Floors Look Better Longer!

How to Make Your New Kitchen Tile Floors Look Better Longer!Tile flooring upgrades just about every kitchen it touches, but only if you know how to care for it. Which of course, we don’t want to scare you - instead, we want to help you easily keep your beautiful new floor looking elegant and fresh for years to come. At Unique Home Building when people come to us looking to upgrade their kitchen with tile flooring all the time, and for good reason! What they don’t know going into it is how to clean messes and care for the tile on a regular basis. When you don’t care for it properly, it doesn’t last. So what are you supposed to do?

Whether you live alone or have a busy family zooming around, messes are always bound to happen. You might find yourself stressed out avoiding them though and that doesn’t let anyone feel at home. So instead of banning everyone from the floor, it's important to make sure dirt and spills do not have a chance to make themselves at home.  Surprisingly, this is easy enough to do with a mop or cloth, hot water, and a mild household detergent. Just spot test it first to make sure it treats your tile well.

Another simple and tile safe option you can utilize, is to mix a cup of white vinegar with a gallon of water for a wonderfully effective, odor-eliminating cleanser. This is a great natural alternative for those who are wanting to avoid harsh chemicals.
Of course, you should never underestimate the power of regular maintenance. I know you’re busy but the truth of the matter is, you need to keep up on the floors so they can keep up with you! The best and most effective step you can take is to regularly sweep, vacuum, and damp mop your tile floors. Even a quick sweeping or vacuum job will remove the dirt and debris before it can become embedded in the tile or grout. Mopping with warm water and using a cleaning product safe for your tile will also enhance your tile’s gloss, shine, and color.
Not to be forgotten, you want to prioritize grout care; it’s the stuff that holds your tiles in place. Naturally, as a result of time and exposure to the elements, grout can become discolored and dingy. When this happens, it really detracts from the beauty of your floor. So to preserve the tile and grout, you really want to make sure that the grout is properly sealed after installation; and even update the seal once a year to maintain it's use and beauty. This will keep stains, dirt, and water from being able to penetrate the protective barrier.
Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in home and each detail should be considered wisely during the your home building or remodeling project. The contractors at Unique Home Building are skilled and prepared to work with you on each of these details, whatever the project size. Contact us today and get your plan started!