Friday, June 16, 2017

Great Decor Tips You Need to Make Your 4th of July Party a Smash Hit!

Great Decor Tips You Need to Make Your 4th of July Party a Smash Hit!It’s that time of the year of again where family and friends gather together over great food and fun celebration. But what’s really fun, is knowing you’ve got the party with the most bang, right? Because anyone can throw a 4th of July party, but there are some simple ideas and tips you can use to make sure yours is by far, the most memorable of all. Let's get creative this year and have the best independence day party ever.
Here are some hot 4th of July party tips you don’t want to miss, that are sure to make your party a smash hit!  
Fun With Fabric. Head to a fabric store or look around the house for any red, white or blue fabric in any kind of pattern you can find. It doesn't have to be stars and stripes, just the right colors! Tie the strips to the railings with contrasting strips of material. 
Just Add Stars. You’re about to add another lovely flare to your party. Simply find any patterned paper that you can cut stars from, but if you can find gold or silver, even better.
Creative Candles. Round up some red, white and blue votives and place tealights in them for once the sun goes down!
Fun With Food. For decorative healthy snacks, place red apples in blue buckets or strawberries in white bowls. 
Music Makes the World Go Round. Have FUN music. Create a playlist of fun, happy, celebration style music that lets people loosen up and have the time of your life. Take it further and even enjoy some karaoke before the fireworks go off! 
Simply look for creative color ideas when you're thinking about the three most important components of your Fourth of July backyard d├ęcor: table coverings, lighting and accenting finishing touches. Color coordination isn't going to be a problem, so you really can't go wrong with whatever you choose to cover your tables. The easiest thing to do with any other kind of table is to start off with a plain white tablecloth and then embellish it. Try striped ribbon, glittery paper stars, crepe paper edging or a fabric runner with tiny paper stars dangling from the ends. If that sounds like too much work, or you're having a lot of kids over, keep it simple and fun. Just cover the tables with white paper, provide red and blue crayons and stickers, and let the kids do the decorating. They will love their decorative freedom!! 
As you can see there are many ways to create a celebratory space this year.  Take one or all of the ideas and you'll be so glad you did!  
We love making your home a place to gather.  If there is anything else we can help you with, come visit our contractors at Unique Home Building, and we'll get you going with your dreams!

Friday, June 9, 2017

What Everyone Absolutely MUST Know Before Buying or Selling Any House!

What Everyone Absolutely MUST Know Before Buying or Selling Any House! Both buying and selling a home can be an exciting yet stressful process. But done correctly with the right knowledge and advice, both buying and selling can be a totally rewarding experience! At Unique Home Building, we specialize in creating houses that feel like a home both for buyers and sellers. Homes are investments that should be taken seriously with attention to the important details. So today we want to share with you the simple tips you need to keep in mind before moving forward on any sale to make sure you’re always making the smartest move. 
Beautiful curb appeal. Regardless of whether you are buying or wanting to sell, the truth remains what makes or breaks the opportunity is whether or not you or the buyer even want to go it the house. If you're looking to flip or buy cheap and renovate,find an attractive home from an architectural perspective that just needs aesthetic upgrades. Finding a home with an ugly paint color and really poor landscaping can be a major find.
Make sure the structure is solid! When it comes to buying a home, you want to avoid major structural issues that will cost you big money to fix or will lower your leverage when it’s time to sell if you haven’t fixed them. Here are a few of the biggest culprits:
Foundation. Do not buy a house that has issues with the foundation. If you see large cracks in the foundation outside or on the basement walls, or the walls look like they are caving in some spots, kindly leave the house and look elsewhere.
Bug free. Termite or carpenter ant damage is common in some locales, and it may be hard to find an older home that hasn’t had a little damage at one point or another. The key here is to find a home that does not have major structural damage and has no signs of current issues. Some home inspectors will actually insure for a year or more that there are no current signs of infestation, and if they appear, they will cover the costs to terminate.
Open air flow. Have you ever walked through a house that makes you feel claustrophobic or just didn’t feel right? Odds are that other people feel that way in the same homes. Don’t buy them. This may be remedied by knocking down a wall or two in some homes, but that can be an expensive project and you may be risking structural damage.
No water damage. Avoid buying a house that has signs of mold or water damage. They can be very expensive to fix and usually are signs of larger foundational or roof issues. Here again, a good home inspector will be able to test or look for both.
Wired well. Beware problems with the electrical and plumbing systems. These are a home’s lifeblood, and replacements are costly.
Hopefully these tips have helped you feel a little more clear about what to look for and what to do before you take the next big step. The contractors at Unique Home Building believe that every home owner deserves to have the best experience possible.  Please call us today and let us know how we can help!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How to Beat the Rising Heat and Keep Cool in Your House this Summer!

How to Beat the Rising Heat and Keep Cool in Your House this Summer! Temperatures are rising and it’s better to think ahead and prepare now, instead of being blind sided with heat that knocks you off your feet! If you haven’t built or designed your own home to be weather efficient, chances are, you’re going to need to be creative about keeping your home cool. Most homes aren’t designed for temperature moderation in winter and summer. But there are ways to go beyond design when you have no other choice, to stay cool and beat the heat. Here are some helpful tips:
 First tip: Have a home that supports air flow. If you your home doesn't circulate air well, it may be in your best interest to talk with one of our professional contractors to see about planning a solution. In the meantime, you deserve to be comfortable during the heat season and we are happy to share our tips on making that happen, as affordably as possible!
Second tip: Be sure to check your air filters. Air filters play such an important role in home cooling efficiency; both in function and finances. If your air filter is clogged, the costs can increase as much as 15 percent. And if the filters are dirty, the system has to work harder, causing the overall system to actually be weaker. It's really smart to check the filter on a monthly basis and replace it quickly once you notice an accumulation of dust and other debris.
Third tip: Go with a smarter thermostat.. There are some great new ones on the market that offer very helpful features for saving energy so you don’t just end up running the air conditioning beyond your need. You can program several temperature changes that work with your family's schedules for work and other activities. This way - it's all done and you don't have to think about it. Save time, money and stress!
Fourth tip. Instal and use ceiling fans, but make sure to set your ceiling fans to rotate in a counterclockwise direction during the warm season. (During the winter, change the direction so the fans rotate clockwise in low speed and circulate the rising heat downward.) Also, cooling created by ceiling fans can make a room feel up to four degrees cooler during the summer, so this is a wise move to make.
Summer is a time to enjoy the warmth and have fun relaxing, so make sure your home is ready to help you do just that. If you're home isn't cooling the way you'd like it to, talk to us! The contractors at Unique Home Building are ready and excited to help you live in the home of your dreams!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

How to Design Your Bedroom for Better Sleep.

How to Design Your Bedroom for Better Sleep.Not getting the right sleep can put a damper on your whole day, and if it becomes a pattern, your health can be affected and the quality of your life brought down severely. Medical research has proven that lack of restful sleep can lead to a weakened immune system, weight gain, muscle tightness, brain fog, mood disorders and impaired decision making. So the last thing you need is to end up getting bad sleep and that’s how we want to help you today; with special tips to help you upgrade your bedroom to a space that provides deeper, more restful sleep, so you can get on with living.
Drown out the noise. White noise helps to drown out both the silence and chaos surrounding you that often distracts you from your ability to fall into deep sleep. This will help your sleep to be more comfortable in mind and body. There are many options for adding white noise as well; you could easily invest in a white noise machines, small fans and even modern apps for proper white noise.
Wake up gently. Rest isn't only about the number of hours your head rests on a pillow.  It also has a lot to do with how the sleep comes to an end! When you wake up to a shocking alarm sound, your subconscious mind feels it’s under attack and you wake up with a rush of adrenaline. Instead, invest in an alarm clock that eases the transition from sleep to wake, rather than startling you. This will definitely help you start the day feeling fresh.
Add color for better sleep. Bright colors are fun, but don’t help us sleep better. A bright tuscan inspired yellow is not ideal for a restful night’s sleep. A better choice would be one that considers going with a more relaxing and calming shade in a cool-color family like light blue, sage green, or rich purple. Color your room for beauty sleep.
Dim the lights. Create a comforting atmosphere by installing a dimmer switch that works via remote control or just by adding some lower level lights to keep the mood feeling calm. The dimmer lights can even be installed and set to an alarm so they come on slowly in the morning, (like a sunrise) to help you feel like you’re waking up more naturally.  
Block out the early light.The beautiful morning sun light is an incredible thing to wake up but when it shows up too early, it can deprive you of crucial REM sleep. One of the easiest ways to find something suitable for keeping you asleep is with the darkness that black out shades provide.  Once you're awake and moving, though, make sure you open the shades wide, because morning light also helps strengthen your body rhythms and get your brain going!

Those are some very easy to apply improvements to your home, health and lifestyle. However, if you'd like suggestions for jumping into a bigger home renovation project, we at Unique Home, would love to help! Here's to restful living!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

June Gloom Is Coming, Bring Some More Light in Your Home!

June Gloom Is Coming, Bring Some More Light in Your Home!June comes around and the clouds usually come with it. The temperatures are rising but the clouds really keep the light out and this can be really confusing and depressing on your moods! But there are definitely ways around that so that your home can have as much light as possible and you can grab the summer light easier than ever.

Adding large and plenty of windows allows more possibility for the light to enter in.  This is especially helpful if you are dealing with low ceilings or deep eaves.  Consider walls near fire places or even in the kitchen, replacing a  section of your cabinets with an extra or larger window instead.  Another place to add window is in a stairway or landing.  This is great because the light is able to reach in and bring a bright warmth from top to bottom. Want to take it a little further? Add some brighter colored painting to the stairwell and landing as well.  When the light comes in, it will bounce of the bright accent colors and leave the area looking more cheerful as well. Talk to our contractors about your options!
Add windowed walls and rooms. This is a great option for both front and back entries.   It allows more light and looks very classy and welcoming.  However, some may feel concerned about their privacy.  If that's the case, there are many options, such as reeded or etched glass, for maintaining privacy while allowing light in. Another idea would be to place some white or sheer curtains along the door to pull shut in times when you'd rather not be seen as well.  Talk to our contractors about your options!
Skylights are another option. Basically the miniature version of skylights, tubular day lighting devices (TDD's) are a fantastic option for places that need more light but want to remain private- like bathrooms or walk in closets. Larger skylights are great to brighten up dark kitchens, attic spaces, bedrooms and the upper halls and landings.  These are a great option but also bring in a lot more heat.  So I would suggest placing them in the cooler areas of the house and also the West or Northwest facing areas; as it's more enjoyable to have the welcome of morning sun enter in rather the heat of the evening sun.  Talk to our contractors about your options!
Some of those modern fixes may be too much for the bank.  So the most budget friendly option is to add color and mirrors to. If this is all you can do, do it well!   Many may say that adding brighter color to a dark room is your best bet.  However, this tends to back fire and the color looks muted and muddy. Sometimes your best option is to embrace the dark room and fill it with rich color.  This allows you to enhance it's naturally cozy nature instead of hitting the - um - wall, repeatedly out of frustration.  Go for rich deep blues or charcoal even and instead, accent with whites and light wood.  Bring in natural metals like copper and silver on vases and fixtures to keep the feeling balanced.   And lastly?  Just add mirrors.  From one large mirror, to a cluster of various mirrors, this is helpful in most areas to add the illusion of more space and even to allow light to bounce off.   Talk to our contractors about your options!
You don’t have to be a victim of June gloom! Please, call us at Unique Home and let us know how we can help you make these changes easily and in a way that fits your budget.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

How to Make Your Home More Beautiful With Your Windows!

How to Make Your Home More Beautiful With Your Windows!You love your home but something’s not right. You’re bored and you need a fresh feeling but you aren’t ready to take the full dive into a whole new interior or a remodel. So what do you do? Just settle? Absolutely not. You can absolutely make a world of difference in the feeling and style of your home, just by changing the decor around your windows! Windows are one of the most important parts in the rooms of each house but also some of the most forgotten and passed over. So if you're looking to bring some fresh perspective and flair into your home, windows just might be the answer. Not every covering is right for every window. Depending on the type of window (sash or casement), some products will look and function better when properly measured and professionally installed. For example: If the window to be covered is a sash type, for the best light control and privacy, the window measurement should include the trim around the window opening and the head rail installed to the top of the wood frame.

How to Make Your Home More Beautiful With Your Windows!
If you have fancy decorative moldings and want to avoid holes from the attachment brackets, they can be installed just above the moldings using extension hardware. The key is that the shade should overlap the window opening about three and a half inches to control the light and privacy.This not only provides the proper function, but when the shade is fully lowered, the edges of the blind will extend to the edge of the wood frame around the window. Otherwise your shade will look like it is too small for the width of the opening, much like a cheaply made suit.

Now about curtains. Personally, we love the layered curtain look. This lets you pick out two bold or minimal contrasting colors and prints to bring a whole new style to the room and perhaps accent your area rug or favorite painting in a way you never thought possible. Add some plants near the windows and you’re covered.
Choosing the right window is a wonderful finishing touch and accent in every home and at Unique Home Building, we love helping your house to become the home you're wanting. For more information on our remodeling, building or other contractor services, please contact us today!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Simple Tips To Make Planning Your Home Remodel Fun and Easier Than Ever

Simple Tips To Make Planning Your Home Remodel Fun and Easier Than EverSo someone suggests that you should remodel your home and the idea sounds exciting. There are so many options and so many things you can do that you don’t even know where to start. And that’s where the dread sets in. What should you do and what does it involve and is it really worth it?
Well let’s start by making it clear that it’s usually worth it. If you’ve been needing more space, more light or more you in your home that this is a choice that will bring more joy to your life and make your home more comfortable to be in. It’s also going to increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell. It’s really a win win situation. 
So the real question is where do you start? How do you pick what to do first? At Unique Home Building, what we’ve discovered is that keeping it simple, organized and taking it one step at a time helps you not only figure out what your remodeling priorities are, but helps you get them done. Here are the tips we’d like to share with you today.
Create a simple list.  Many people fall head over heels for the latest apps and gadgets. But I have found that so many people do much better with a simple sticky note or day planner list. It doesn't mean you're lazy or unintelligent.  All these different tools can leave you spending much more time trying to organize or consolidate your list, leaving many of your items undone.
Categories your list into three’s.  Tony Robbins once gave a talk about being overwhelmed with too many things to do.   But many times though our list has 10 things on it, it's likely they can be grouped into 3 (or 4) groups.  Home, family & work.  That's the first step. Once your list is organized into categories, you may find that you can narrow it down even further to your top 3 priorities and then another list of 3 secondary things to do.   At the end of the day - you'll likely get 6 things done!  But at the very least, you'll get the most important things done first - leaving you feel accomplished and at peace with your performance.
Keep an idea pad in the kitchen. This is the number one idea we have.  Paper, phone, moleskin, iPad...  whatever. little things you remember, ideas & responsibilities should all go to one place. You know how it is - an idea will come to you and you love it! .... but then you forget it. With an idea pad, you can jot down ideas as they come to you and then discuss them a couple weeks later.
Look at the benefits. Refer to the idea pad above and make a new list of all the benefits each idea will bring to your home, life and family. Be specific. Also write out the cons if that will help you decide.
Think about the colors you want in your home.  Color holds a lot of influence in the making of your home. Bright reds can cause stress or creativity, depending on where they are placed and how they are combined. In most cases, blues are calming and nurturing, but add too much grey in them, and they will feel cold and empty. Start to notice how colors make you feel, which ones make you happy, motivated, sad, tired or relaxed. Write that down. See the patterns. 
What feeling do you want to have in your home? Are you a minimalist or do you prefer a lot of knick-knacks and memorabilia? There's no wrong answer here, it's just important to be honest with yourself and see what really nurtures you. I've known many people that are minimalists at heart but just don't know how to let go of their decor, and it really adds stress to their home. 
Once you’re clear on those things, you can decide what needs to be done first. Then, you’ll want to meet with a contractor to create a timeline so you have an idea of how long everything will take and how to prepare.  The truth is, if you are ready to make some changes in your life, you don't need to be overwhelmed by the process. As long as you know and are consistent with the basic steps, you'll be on your way to a better home in no time. Be sure to call the contractors at Unique Home Building today and see what steps would be needed for your home project!

Monday, April 24, 2017

How to Easily Expand Your Basement for More Living Space and Property Value

How to Easily Expand Your Basement for More Living Space and Property ValueSometimes your family grows and you just need more space in your home, but you don’t have it. But what about that cluttered basement with all your storage? Have you ever thought of creating an organized storage space down there in addition to a family entertainment space, workout area or guest room? If your family is needing more space but you don’t want to move, then finishing your basement might be the best option for you. Basements offer a great separate space for guests, home offices, entertainment rooms, fitness and play spaces. At Unique Home Building, we love helping your house to be the home you dream of, and it's important to consider the details in the process.
Here are some tips to keep the process easy and quality from start to finish: 
First of all it’s important to point out that finishing your basement, adds usable square-footage to your home, highly increasing the value of your home, giving you a serious return on investment.
Make it light and bright. The right lighting can either put the perfect finishing touch on your basement or ruin it completely. Choose lights with a golden hue rather than blue, to keep the mood joyful; light and the lack of it has a powerful effect on people and you want to make sure you’re encouraging good moods. Face lights upward for a feeling of expansion in a small room and facing downward for large rooms to make them appear smaller.
Choose high ceilings if possible to make sure you’ll have enough headroom, especially if you’re thinking of making it a room where you or children will be active. Lift your arms overhead. Will you be standing on a treadmill? Height can be one of the biggest challenges in basement remodels.
Because flooding is always a risk in basements regardless of your location, plan ahead and be prepared. Have a system in place to deal with the water overflow and choose a flooring material that can handle getting wet as well as install a floor drain. Be sure to talk to a plumber about special piping and care.
Those are the basics you need to know about basement remodels. Of course, you want to make sure to follow the rules legally, get the right permits and hire a contractor to keep on you plan and making smart choices. The contractors at Unique Home Building are here and ready to answer your questions and join you every step of the way. Call us and schedule an interview today!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How To Prepare and Protect Your Home From The Threat of Tornados

How To Prepare and Protect Your Home From The Threat of Tornados Tornados happen. And if you live in or near Dallas, you know that this is a risk for you. But do you know what to do to be prepared ahead of time, to protect yourself and even your home? Obviously, there are some levels of risk we just don’t have control over but those that we do, are wise to act on before the storm hits.
First tip: Build a safe room. These are different than the more common shelters, but offer all the same protection and benefit. FEMA says a safe room is a structure that will provide near absolute protection from severe storms. So in order to call it a safe room, it must be built according to federal laws and meet very specific standards of safety.
What’s so great about a safe room?
First of all, there are two kinds of safe rooms; above and below ground.Each safe room should be built to handle 250 mph wiinds and more than 3,000 pounds of force. (That's more than an EF-5 level tornado!)
Normally, safe rooms are built in basements or garages. They’re usually made of steel and fiberglass for the highest level of wind protection. All safe rooms and shelters use concrete foundations as their primary anchors.
Also, you don't have to wait for your shelter to be built to start being prepared. As you plan, begin collecting the must-have emergency supplies, such as canned goods, water and a weather alert radio, to help meet your needs and keep you informed.
So please, if you live in Texas and are in an area that experiences tornados, be safe and plan smart by discussing safe rooms with an experienced, licensed contractor who’s work is compliant with all FEMA and NSSA standards. Of course, it’s always best to go with a trusted local company, like us at Unique Home Building.

Your home and family are our priority. Call to set up a consultation today!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Summer is Just Around the Corner! Here’s How to Get Your Home Summer Ready!

Summer is the time of the year where you want to relax, put your feet up and enjoy the smells of the flowers and warm winds all around you. But if your home isn’t a setting the stage for all that enjoyment, you just might be really missing out! Be sure that your home is happy place that matches the season around you and is inviting for others as well with these summer ready tips from Unique Home Building! 
Go minimal.
Summer is actually the time to reduce your decorative footprint. It's an airy, breezy time and you want your decor to reflect that.  Trinkets and small decorative pieces are great, but can really feel cluttering in the summer.  Consider storing a few of these items away for the season.  Another way to add minimalist freshness is to remove cases from accent pillows and reveal their white casings.  Increasing the presence of white in your decor allows you to keep the stuff but without feeling overwhelmed by it.  If you'd like to keep them covered, consider a fitted white cotton or lace crochet case!
Use fun fabrics. 
Textiles are an incredibly fun way to easily refresh the look of your entire home. Think of the colors you chose for the above suggestion and bring them into your accenting textiles and fabrics. For example, you could change out your heavier window coverings for sheer or gauzy curtains. Go with these lighter fabrics for summer to avoid rooms feeling too weighed down. You could also splurge and invest in a new area rug for your summer motif. You can go with a heavier print if you opt into sheer window treatments. This allows boldness and heavier tones, but in more appropriate and complimenting places. Lastly, important one for the bedroom is to update your heavy comforters with a more simple throw blanket, either for everyday use or as a light accent that warms the chill of the summer night breeze. 
Add plant life! 
Just add flowers and leafy green plants! Summer arrangements should look casual and organically put together. So if this is your first time, relax and know you can't really go wrong here!  Just start placing them in the ways that feel simple and best! 
Let the light in. 
During the summer, the sun rises earlier and sets later, and all that extra light can lift one's spirits and set the mood for summer. One of the best ways to enhance the natural lighting in a room is to add mirrors to your decor. Place a floor mirror in a dark corner of a room to brighten your space from the ground up, or hang a mirror on the wall to allow sunlight to bounce off it and onto the other walls of the room.
Lastly, as you prepare your home for summer, be sure to have fun and play with color. Don’t overdo it of course, but add accents and splashes that feel cool, calm and bright. A good rule to stick to is to mix and match three bright colors to give your home an update.  The colors can be a mix of vibrant and muted.  Just make sure they compliment each other and don't feel overwhelming.  One idea is to take these colors and buy your accents with them included, such as vases, espresso cups and pillows!
Think about the ideas we’ve shared, look around your home and see what works for you.  You may already have all you need in the home already, but if not, they’re all easy to grab and quick to add. From us at Unique Home Building and let us know how we can help and have fun ‘summerizing’ your home!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Fast Tips to Help You Figure Out if Building Your Own Home is For You

Fast Tips to Help You Figure Out if Building Your Own Home is For YouIt can be hard to decide if you want to build your own or buy off the market. There are so many things to consider and different things to plan depending on your end goals and finances. The truth is, if you're having a hard time deciding whether to buy or build your own home, you're not alone. From renovation to building from scratch, we at Unique Home Building, are the experts in our field and want to give you peace of mind so you can make the best decision possible.
Here are some basics to consider before moving forward:

Does location matter? You aren’t stuck settling for the perfect home in a non-perfect area. You have the freedom of deciding your neighborhood, school district, development investment and even sense of community.

How in control do you want to be? When deciding to build your own home,  every square inch is customizable to your needs. You can design a kids room perfectly according to their play and learning needs, you can design a master bedroom to suit both his and her preference or even create a chef-suited kitchen where you can prepare gourmet meals. From paint colors to countertops, flooring and fixtures—all of the decisions are made by you. 

When you build your own, you can build preemptively. One of the biggest challenges with buying an existing home is that you’re also buying the previous owner’s challenges. A When you custom build your home, you minimize the repair costs and maintenance because everything is new. In addition, many home builders also offer at least a one-year warranty on certain workmanship, which is added protection just in case something stops functioning properly in your new home.

You can build in an environmentally conscious way. New builds are usually more energy efficient than older or existing homes because of new construction standards and higher energy ratings. Some new home builders also use green or recycled materials. These materials may increase upfront construction costs, but they save you money over time because of efficiency of heating and use. 

There are several benefits to building a custom home, but what’s most important is quality craftsmanship and service. At Unique Home Building, we specialize in quality work and service. If you are interested in creating your own unique home, contact us today for more information!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How The Right Home Remodel Plan Can Both Save and Make You Money

How The Right Home Remodel Plan Can Both Save and Make You MoneyWho wouldn’t want to remodel their home if they knew it would both save and make you money? Well the truth is, the right plan can get you there and we have the tips you need to make that plan! At Unique Home 

First tip? Start slowly. List the things you want to change and the updates you would like to make. Don't worry about organization, just write it all down. Take a guess on how long you may want to live in the house. If you're planning on selling, talk to your realtor and make a selling plan.

Second tip? Once you have made a plan, do research or talk to a realtor to see what sort of return those improvements may bring. Some improvements will add considerably more value to your home than others. Realtors are such a valuable resource in this process! Utilize them!

Third tip? Start with one room at a time. Make the commitment to tackle one room at a time. Whether it's a simple coat of paint or knocking down a wall, by tackling one room at a time you keep projects achievable.

Fourth tip? (Which could have been the first tip) Make a list of all the things you dream about doing and break down your list into sections that help you get an idea of the time each task will take. This will help you not only get but see results in real time.

Fifth tip? Make sure you schedule your projects in the time frames you can actually complete them, that fits your level of comfort and budget frames. That's a big one right there. It's important to stay within your comfort zone or else it will be stress filled and frustrating.

The truth is, you don't have to spend a fortune on a home remodel that isn't meant for you. Spend your time and money on the changes that will both increase the value of your home and increase the value of the life you’re living.  And when you’re ready, call the contractors at Unique Home Building. We want to help you on this journey to make it as wonderful, simple and money saving as possible.