Monday, March 21, 2016

Enough with the Man Caves. Here are Tips for the Perfect Lady Cave.

Enough with the Man Caves. Here are Tips for the Perfect Lady Cave.
 There’s a lot of talk about man caves these days and we’re sitting here wondering when women are going to get theirs? Let talk about the lady cave.
It doesn’t matter what your day job is, all women deserve to have a space they call their own; and no, an office or desk isn’t the same thing. Just because you’re used to eating your food cold, sharing the couch with a million people and hiding in the bathroom for privacy, it doesn’t mean you should have to.
So here are our tips to creating the perfect Lady Cave.
  1. Include Personal Items.  Why? Because this is your YOU space. This is where you’re getting away from it all and it needs to feel like it’s yours. Highlight items that bring positive reinforcement. This is your area to shine a light on nobody but yourself. Take advantage of it by adding as many personal items to your woman cave as possible.
  2. Hidden Spaces and Storage. All women feel like they need more space, from closets to shelves - it’s vital that a woman feel the freedom of clutter and confusion in their special space. However, not all women are alike and some will want to have permission to keep a messy space. And as long as it’s easy to find, you’re on top!
  3. Work Space. No, your home office isn’t a lady cave, but you still need a desk in your special place, for things like writing, drawing, reading or doing other crafts and projects.
  4. Enough with the Man Caves. Here are Tips for the Perfect Lady Cave. Environment. Make sure your environment is relaxing. You can include soft music and essential oils in a diffuser for added calm and inspiration. Put art on the walls that feed your soul and include books nearby that you’ll frequently reference.
  5. Reading nook. Going with the last one, you’ll want to make sure that you have a space to comfortably read and escape. Be sure to decorate well with pillows, blankets and little stand for tea.
As you can see, it’s not that complicated. You can create a whole room or just a section of your home. But of course, we recommend the room!
For additional ideas and support, contact us at Unique Home Building and we’ll get you on your way home!

Monday, March 14, 2016

5 Tips to Consider When Designing the Kitchen for Your New Home

Depending on where you are in life, will determine the way you design the kitchen in  your brand new, made-for-you home. Whether you are just starting your marriage, your family or your retirement, there are certain details you want to keep in mind for both the design and functionality of the kitchen.

At Unique Home Building, we specialize in building custom homes from the ground up, for people just like you. And over time, we’ve learned that when it comes to designing your kitchen, there are 5 very important tips to consider that you don’t want to miss.

5 Tips to Consider When Designing the Kitchen for Your New Home

Size Matters
You don’t want to neglect the details of your kitchen building, especially the size. It’s very important to sit and chat with both your builder/contractor and your spouse about the different considerations to keep in mind.

A couple questions to ask yourself would include:
  • Will you want to entertain?
  • How big of a pantry will you need?
  • How many dishes will you need to store?
  • Would you like a corner pantry?
  • Are you wanting an island?
  • If you want an island, will it be used for hot or cold food preparing?
Once you get these questions answered, you can determine the size needs of your kitchen according to exactly your needs.

5 Tips to Consider When Designing the Kitchen for Your New HomeAs important as the space is the deciding of the layout and the kind of functionality you’re going for. If you’re entertaining, you may want certain cabinets closer to the dining room. If you have children, the cabinets may want to be placed with them in consideration. The idea is to get the most out of your kitchen.

Really take some time to determine what you like as well as what you don’t like. Look through different magazines and catalogues for inspiration and further tips as well.

Appliances and Sinks
Where, what kind and how many sinks and appliances you choose to install are all important choices with their own benefits. It’s common to take the time to choose your sink based on looks, but fail to think about where it will go and if it will fit both the space and your needs. Look at the positions you’re considering and get a second opinion from your friends and family to make sure it’s really the best choice.

It’s the same with appliances. Of course you want to make sure the look flows, but you also want to make sure you’re set on functionality. Asking your friends and family invites feedback you may not of thought of before and can save you from some major kitchen design blunders!

Your Floors & Counters
There are so many counter and floor options to choose from. Usually though, it’s wise to go for a combination of both economical or long lasting as well as luxurious and beautiful.

It’s ok to want both and in fact, we recommend it. It’s important that you like your choices visually but that they also fit your budget while withstanding time and use.  Again. Look at magazines for inspiration and then do your research before fully deciding.

Lighting & Colors
Perhaps this should have been the first pointer. So many homebuilders and homeowners pass over this fine but very critical detail. The color and lighting you place in a room has the power to make or break the overall mood and aesthetic.

Certain placements are key. For instance, you always want to place lighting above the kitchen sink, as it’s good for low key light, mood but also easier cleaning. When thinking about your wall color, make sure to factor in the color and make of your cabinets, as well as your lights. They’ll all play into each other.

Of course, you know what you want. You’ve gone through all the inspirational photos and you’re ready to make yourself the home you’ve been waiting for.  We don’t blame you. So give us a call at Unique Home Building and see what’s next on the plan to get you where you want to be!