Wednesday, August 12, 2015

End of Summer Roof Care Tips Every Home Owner Should Read

Who wants to deal with roof maintenance? It’s summer! We know.  But we also know that the fall rainy season can sneak up out of nowhere, and it’s important to avoid major problems when the power is in your hands. 

Once you have gone through the checklist below, you’ll have a good idea about what needs to be done and what you need to hire someone to take care of for you, before it becomes a bigger or more difficult problem. 

These summer roof maintenance tips will take only a couple of hours, but the time spent is well worth it because it could save you from costly roof repairs down the road.To ensure your safety, all of these summer roof care tasks are performed from the ground. If there is a need to go up on your roof, and you don’t have a safe way to do it, please  contact us to perform roof repair or maintenance.

  • Start early. No one wants to stare at their roof in the heat of the day. Get up at 7, make your tea or coffee and get outside.
  • Use binoculars to inspect for water leaks at the roof and chimney.  You’ll want to pay close attention for any deteriorated, missing or damaged roofing material as these can be signs of water leakage.
  • Use a weather-resistant caulk to seal minor reachable cracks on your home’s exterior, walkway and driveway to nip the issue in the bud, long before any potential temperature drop.
  • The warm weather makes this an ideal time of the year to clean out gutter debris. Practice extreme caution when walking on the roof and follow manufacturer’s instructions when using a ladder to reach gutters. Use a shop vac or your hands to remove debris from the gutters. Contact us for bigger or more risky jobs.
  • While cleaning out the gutters, check for an accumulation of asphalt shingle granules. Granule accumulation in the gutters could signal it is time to replace the roof.
  • Remove moss and algae from roof to prevent moisture damage and rot. Brush down the roof, using a scrub brush attached to a telescopic pole to detach the moss and algae from the roof. Use caution when moving on the roof; moss and algae can make the roof extremely slippery.
These are all wise precautionary maintenance steps that should be taken to ensure your home is a safe place and won’t cost you a ton to repair later. Contact us at Unique Home Building to speak with a contractor and get your home cleaned, ready and beautiful!


  1. Hello,

    Since I have found out that my family and I will be moving to West Palm Beach in two months, I have been searching for home maintenance tips. Because I grew up in Oklahoma and for the most part spent most of my life there, I will take any advice for maintaining a home in a tropical environment that I can get!

    Your summer roof maintenance tips will definitely prove to be very helpful once we are settled into our new home. After all, something tells me that we will be able to use this tips all year long - not just during the summertime. Like you said, it is best to start early, the last thing that I want to be dealing with is trying to take care of my roof in the sweltering heat!

    Needless to say, I will definitely be back to see what else you have to share.

    Thanks again for the great advice!


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