Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Easy Solution to Enjoy the Benefits of Composting without the Mess!

If you know the benefits of composting and you're ready for a greener kitchen, we've got a great suggestion for you! The benefits of composting are immense, both for the home and environment. Don't get bogged down with excess information and facts! Composting in he kitchen is both easy and a simple way to contribute to environmental health and sustainability. 
The Easy Solution to Enjoy the Benefits of Composting without the Mess!
Before we give you our easy big idea, here's some info and how-to on composting:

How To Compost 
Composting requires warm temperatures at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit, moderate moisture, and space to turn the pile. You can really make kitchen waste composting as simple or as complex as you which. The end results are finer with multiple bins or with a rotating tumbler whereas piles on the ground or mixing into garden beds yields more robust and chunkier compost.

For the simplest way, keep an air tight container in the kitchen, on the counter or under the sink are common places, where you will store your scraps as you go. You can even purchase biodegradable bags to line your container with, even you don't plan to add it to any soil and choose to dispose of it in your yard waste container instead.  Be sure to empty that bag every 5 days or so, since it is compostable and will begin to biodegrade as well. 

For even more thorough kitchen composting, you can also utilize a worm bin where the little guys eat their way through your debris and deposit moist worm castings for fertilizer and soil amendment. {www.gardeningknowhow.com}
The Easy Solution to Enjoy the Benefits of Composting without the Mess!Now that you see the benefits of composting, we want to give you the golden
idea that lets you enjoy the benefits of composting without the added mess and clutter!

Install an under counter compost container, for easy composting and no loss of counter space! Couple this with newly installed countertops and your kitchen will have a whole new look, equipped to support your new green habits! The container and corresponding drop hole can be created to suit your needs, both big and small.  Make sure you have a cabinet ready or made to make access to the hidden container even easier! 

At Unique home building we love making easy solutions for your green home needs! Call us today and plan your green kitchen makeover! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Important Tips for Every Green Home Building or Remodeling Project!

Important Tips for Every Green Home Building or Remodeling Project!You're busy and deserve to have the best. So make sure your home is equipped with energy efficient features that are both good for the environment and your budget. Whether you are remodeling or building a home, these are important tips to consider for every green home project!

Unique Home Building has worked with families and individuals over the years. This is why we want to share these important tips for every green home building or remodeling project.

Efficient Windows
Having energy efficient windows will allow for better heat capturing in the winter and better eat filtering in the summer. The general differentiation of windows beyond style (double-hung, casement, sliding, etc.) is the glass or glazing and the framing material. There are three main types of frame materials, each addressing several lifespan aspects of the windows; wood, vinyl and aluminum.
Solar panels 
Solar panels are a great way to conserve energy and utilize natural electricity.  To see if your home is a candidate for solar panels, go out on your roof on a sunny day mid-morning and see if the sun shines on it. Do this again mid-afternoon. If the sun shines through on the shingles for most of those in between hours, and your home isn't blocked by nearby buildings or hills, then you could be a great candidate for natural energy in your home!
Fireplaces inserts (rather than a traditional fireplace) that can burn logs and paper trash, has intake and outflow vents at the bottom and top (you shouldn’t need a circulating blower), has an easily operable damper, and sports large glass doors so you can enjoy the dancing flames. A fireplace insert is 50–75 per cent efficient and easier to operate. Another option would be a gas fireplace or dutch oven.
Efficient indoor spaces
By removing useless corners, unused crannies, gun barrel hallways, seas of circulation around islands of furniture, and other chubby cubic footage indoors, not only will you be more comfortable in less space, you may have enough room in your home to install an office, have an exercise area (instead of driving to a dues-paying health club), and store more belongings (rather than rent a storage unit miles away). One of many clever ploys: Convert the usual wasted space between a row of studs into a hallway library or similar shelving. This can be done almost anywhere indoors.
Work with a contractor
You’ll have a better chance of negotiating successfully with builders if you know about the details that make for a green home. One good way to learn is to get a book on construction and decide what it is that's important to you and to communicate that to your contractor. Some options to consider are green roofs, rain storage collection and low voc paints. 
Unique Home Building is dedicated to making your home the finest quality living space you can imagine.  Call us today to see how we can make your home a place you love! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Stay Warm Without Going Broke with These Home Heating Conservation Tips!

We aren't done with winter yet! Let's be sure to spend the last of the winter months being warm and not spending too much to get there! With environmental impacts increasing and energy costs on the rise, home heating alternatives are at the forefront of our minds. Not only can these energy-efficient ideas lessen our impact on the environment, they will save money too.

Stay Warm Without Going Broke with These Home Heating Conservation Tips!

Perform regular maintenance on your home heating system(s). 
Efficiency is lost with poorly maintained units. Get regular service done and keep exhaust filters clean.
Avoid using exhaust fans.
Running a bathroom or kitchen exhaust fan for one hour can deplete your home of its warm air. Minimize their use by not using them or turning them off as soon as possible.
"Reuse" oven heat.
When you've finished in the oven, leave the door open to warm the kitchen further.
Skip the gas fireplace.
A gas fireplace will use more energy to heat a room than central home heating.
Utilize the wood fireplace.
Wood-burning fireplaces or Wood-Burning Stoves give off more heat than a gas fireplace and can burn scrap wood, fallen trees or branches or wood pellets, which are made from sawdust and are one of the most cost-effective forms of home heating.
Reverse your ceiling fans. 
Most, if not all, ceiling fans have a reverse setting for winter. By reversing your fan blades to rotate clockwise you draw down the risen heat from the ceiling and prevent it from dissipating through the roof or walls.
Passive solar heating.Utilize the low winter positioning of the sun to warm your home by opening curtains on south and west facing windows during the day, and removing solar shade screens until warmer weather returns. If you want to know more about solar heating options, talk to us at Unique Home Building and we'll get you all the information you need!
Keep the thermostat low.
Challenge yourself to set the temperature one or two degrees lower each year. Keeping it at 55 degrees at night and 6o during the day is a common energy-efficient setting. Beware not to turn it off completely or set it too low, as this can burst pipes or cause hypothermia.
Keep the temps steady.
Turning the heat off while you leave or more than 5-8 degrees lower at night than during the day can cause your unit to work harder when trying to warm the place up again. Pick a nice steady range instead.
Use a programmable thermostat.
Using a Programmable Thermostat to turn the temp lower while you sleep or work can decrease your energy consumption up to 25% without your needing to remember.
Consider a space heater.
In some, not all, cases a space heater may be more efficient to heat a small room than running a central home heating system.

Even better, consider a remodel or totally new home construction, so that future winters can be spent warm, cozy and knowing your house was made to do it that way? Your options are many, so call our contractors at Unique Home Building, to see which one is best for you! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

3 Irresistible Benefits to Building Your Home From Scratch!

3 Irresistible Benefits to Building Your Home From Scratch!Have you ever realized how cool it would be to build your own home? Really, imagine the sense of excitement you'd have when you look around and see that everything around you is a result of your hard work and creative planning? What if each room was designed to meet the needs of your unique family? 

It's all possible, with the contracts at Unique Home Building! Here are 3 irresistible benefits to building your home from scratch!

It can be a challenge to throw a party in an older home because smaller rooms with unique floor plans can make it difficult to entertain guests. Today, modern home layouts allow for more open spaces and rooms that flow into each other more easily. While you are preparing dinner, you can still interact with guests enjoying conversation without feeling closed off. Imagine having the feeling of spaciousness in rooms enhanced with higher ceilings and additional windows that bring in more light than you would find in an older home! Sounds inviting, doesn't it?

A Fresh Start
For many families and individuals, it can be very refreshing to know that a fresh start is possible. Maybe it's time for new memories and maybe cooking a dinner in a brand-new kitchen is part of the appeal of new construction. In addition, you won’t have to spend time stripping dated wallpaper or repainting to suit your personal style, but simply create your own home look and feel from the very start! 

You Decide
Homes back in the day were not only built differently but also wired differently. There were no ways for contractors to anticipate the development of multi-media, such as high definition tv's, computers and smart phone chargers. Imagine having a wall designed around your entertaining or home office needs? New homes can accommodate advanced technologies like structured wiring, security systems and sophisticated lighting plans, and can be tailored to meet the individual home owner’s needs.

Anyone who has ever lived in an older home can also attest to the fact that there are never enough outlets, inside or out! Today, home builders plan for the increased number and type of electronics and appliances used by today’s families, so you can safely operate a wine cooler, Christmas lights and your laptop — and more.

We are excited to be a part of this journey with you. If you are ready to plan your new home construction, contact the contractors at Unique Home Building today!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tips for Bathroom Remodeling, Great for Him AND Her!

Tips for Bathroom Remodeling, Great for Him AND Her!It can be a real challenge to please both partners in a home, and with the bathroom it's no different. We think things can be far more simple and would like to share some bathroom remodeling ideas that just may even better your relationship. Too hard? Not for Unique Home Building!
Here Are Some Tips for Bathroom Remodeling that are Great for Him AND Her!

The easiest  and fastest way to give your bathroom a whole new look is to paint it a different color. The best idea is to start by picking up a few different swatches, bring them home with you and check them out under the lighting conditions in your bathroom. This way you’ll be able to see exactly how the color will turn out in your home. Keep in mind that darker colors do absorb more light, which can make small rooms look even smaller. If you have a small bathroom already, consider using a brighter or lighter color to open up the space.
Also good to remember, is that paint isn’t just for the walls! If your bathroom cabinets look a little shabby, why not give them a fresh coat of paint too? Neutral cabinetry looks great against bright walls, while bold colored cabinets work best with neutral toned walls.


Did you know that the Romans were first to use mosaic tile as flooring and decoration for their homes and bathrooms? This means we have them to thank for the beautifully colored mosaics that we see today.


Modern bathroom vanities are far more versatile than ever before and they continue being reinvented. Unique Home strives to offer you the best in home remodeling so we keep up to date with the current trends while looking for the most innovative design ideas.  

One simple thing is to replace the old medicine cabinet with a mirror customized to meet your decor.  Maybe it will simply be an updated cabinet, but an update nonetheless. Changing cabinets and mirrors to match your new style may seem like a minuscule change, but it will really make the room look finished. These small items are also cheap! You want to feel like the mirror reflects not only your fabulous face, but also the entire mood of the bath.


Vessel sinks not only come in a variety of makes and models but are also constructed of high quality and durable materials such as cast iron, glass and natural stone such as marble, for the more modern and elegant feel. There are even sinks made of stainless steel and bronze. These can be mounted on a variety of different bathroom counter tops, ranging from wood planks, granite, tile, concrete and even glass mosaic.

I'm sure that's enough to get you thinking!  Have you created your own Pinterest account? It's free to sign up and a great place to collect your inspiration into albums.  Follow us and we would love to see what ideas you have in store.  For more inspiration, contact us and we will happily help you create the home you deserve!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Thinking of Remodeling? Avoid Disaster and Plan Well with These Tips!

Thinking of Remodeling? Avoid Disaster and Plan Well with These Tips!Should you remodel your home?This is a popular question in the minds of home owners all over. Wouldn't it be great if you could sort through the confusion and feel confident in your choice? Home Renovation can be a costly and inconvenient ordeal when gone about poorly. So, before you jump into renovations, make sure you have have a plan, a reliable contractor, and are ready to commit to the process! 
The two main reasons most people renovate their homes is to add comfort, use and value to the home or to prepare it for sale. In the end, the bigger question  - the first question should be, what are your long term motivations? 
Will you stay or sell?
Staying in the home
If you intend to stay in the home you may want to:
  • Add extra space to accommodate an expanding family, or simply to add a sense of spaciousness.
  • Add rooms for special purposes, such as an office, game room or extra bath.
  • Change the layout of the house for better flow, use or relation to sun and views.
  • Update to give the house a fresher, more modern look – this could involve taking out walls to enlarge a room, putting in a new kitchen, or installing new lighting and ceilings. 
  • Restore the house to its original style (while adding modern features in some areas, like the kitchen and bathroom).
  • Add value to increase your investment.

Renovating to sell

If you are renovating to create better resale value, you’ll likely want to give the house an inexpensive face lift to freshen it up and make it more attractive to buyers. For example, repainting, or changing dated or damaged fixtures, such as a cracked sink in the bathroom.
Be aware of what your potential buyers will be looking for.  You'd be wise to keep everything fairly neutral to appeal to a wider range of people. Not everyone warms to bright feature walls or turquoise bathtubs.
Renovations that will increase the aesthetic appeal of your home may include accent painting in the kitchen and bathroom, or installing a deck to give an indoor-outdoor flow and an increased sense of space or some landscaping.
Just be sure no to spend money that you won’t get back from the sale price. You could even consult a real estate agent for ideas to increase the house’s appeal, and how much you should spend without over investing.
Remodeling is detailed and costly process that benefits you in the short and long term.  As time goes by, your home will only decrease or increase in value.  So whether or not you choose to sell soon, or enjoy it for years to come, you can better the quality of it to benefit you in both cases.  We understand that it can be overwhelming though and our contractors at Unique Home Building in Dallas, Texas are here to make this the best situation experience we can, for you! Call us today to let us know how we can help!