Sunday, December 20, 2015

How to Make the Perfect Prayer and Reading Space in Any Home

Life is busy and it’s important to have a place where you can retreat and decompress. We
are an over scheduled generation and having a place where we can collect our thoughts and sit in gratitude brings relaxation to the mind and healing to the soul.

But where can you do this, in your crowded home full of people, things and distractions?

How to Make the Perfect Prayer and Reading Space in Any HomeWe at Unique Home Building, have met many different people with different needs and backgrounds, and it seems no matter the person, there are a few needs they all have in common. We want to shed some light on a few ways to bring more peace in your life and build the perfect prayer and reading space to any home.

Dedicate a Room.
If you have the extra space, dedicate a whole room to your needs. No matter how you choose to make your space, it’s important to keep the decor minimal. This isn’t a space you want to get dusty or feel you have to clean constantly, or a place you want to do a thousand things that distract you. Think calm, focused and decompressed.

Choose a corner of a room.
Don’t have a whole room? Dedicate a small corner of a room that can be minimally decorated. Include a pillow, a mat or a small comfortable chair. Perhaps make it face a window, a plant or a small painting that you can look at and let your mind drift.

Any space can be made to fit your needs by including a little book basket with your journal or inspirational material. Have a shelf nearby where you can rest your glasses, some incense or a candle.

How to Make the Perfect Prayer and Reading Space in Any HomeWant to go big? Create an extra space outside in your yard… think of it like a prayer hut. It can be as small as 10 x 10 and totally meet your needs. When we were kids, a treehouse invited us into another world and this little outdoor peace space can do the same for us adults. You can have it wired for electricity and heat or keep it as simple as creating candle light as needed.

No matter your need, these spaces are easy to make and can be designed exactly to your needs. If you want to go small, just write down your ideas about what you need and then make it happen. If you want to go big, call a contractor and get some guidance about remodeling a room or adding a small hut to your property.

You are only limited by your imagination. Follow your ideas into creation and see what unfolds!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

An Uncommon Room Addition That Could Bring More Peace and Joy to Your Life!

An Common Room Addition That Could Bring More Peace and Joy to Your Life!We’re already talking about remodeling and room additions all the time. You hear of people upgrading their bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens of course, but what about additions that invite you to more peace and calm in your life?

At Unique Home Building, we hear a lot about the needs people have and what they dream about. This gives us an in to what to recommend to you. If you are feeling unsettled, stressed or disconnected, here’s what we recommend:

Create a Tea Room
… or coffee, depending on your choice. But have a little nook added on that seats a max of 6 people but feels cozy for just one.

You can create a comfortable window seat or a table with a few chairs. Add cushions or have them available. Perhaps there’s room for an armchair or two?

Storage and Decor
Keep the comfort within reach. Have a trunk nearby to store a throw blanket or some shawls. Keep a basket nearby with a few extra pairs of socks or slippers. Have a bookshelf nearby with notebooks or journals and some of your favorite inspirational or motivational reads, along with a basket of pens, pencils and highlighters.

Keep the lighting warm and golden toned. Use wall sconces if you prefer or even table lamps. Floor lamps are great but you want to be sure your space allows for it.

Creating a mini tea or coffee room gives you a space to do your morning reading and alone time, midday solace and space for togetherness with friends, partners and children alike.

If you liked this idea or have another one you’d like to discuss, please contact us at Unique Home Building and we’ll be happy to go through your options with you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Give the Gift of a Home Remodel Without the Stress. Here’s How:

Give the Gift of a Home Remodel Without the Stress. Here’s How:Have you noticed your spouse making small comments about the home and how they’d like it to be improved? It’s a hard one to miss. But if it’s such a bother and frustration, why not do something about it?
Remodels make a great gift; even a holiday gift. You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row first. Simply make a voucher that tells him or her that it’s happening. Call a contractor and get the plan rolling. 
First ask yourself, if you plan to stay in the home long term or sell in the next few years. This information makes a big difference on the remodel you choose.
If you intend to stay in the home you may want to:
  • Add extra space to accommodate an expanding family, or simply to add a sense of spaciousness.
  • Add rooms for special purposes, such as an office, game room or extra bath.
  • Change the layout of the house for better flow, use or relation to sun and views.
  • Update to give the house a fresher, more modern look – this could involve taking out walls to enlarge a room, putting in a new kitchen, or installing new lighting and ceilings.
  • Restore the house to its original style (while adding modern features in some areas, like the kitchen and bathroom).
  • Add value to increase your investment.
If you are going to end up selling, then your remodel should be focused on both your needs and creating higher resale value. For example, some large ideas would be to finish a basement, attic or remodeling the kitchen, while smaller ideas would include repainting, or changing dated or damaged fixtures, such as a cracked sink in the bathroom.
Just be sure to not spend money on improvements that you won’t get back from the sale price. You could even consult a real estate agent for ideas to increase the house’s appeal, and how much you should spend without over investing.
We understand that the process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. There are more tips we’d like to share and simple steps that you can take to make this a simple and easy process. So give the gift of remodeling. It’s a win win.

Our contractors at Unique Home Building in Dallas, Texas are here to make this the best situation experience we can, for you! Call us today to let us know how we can help!

How to Keep Your Feet Warm In the Dead of Winter

How to Keep Your Feet Warm In the Dead of WinterFreezing feet don’t make for a fun holiday season. Between the snow, the food and the togetherness, you want to enjoy the festivities feeling warm and toasty inside and out, right? We don’t blame you. Winter brings it’s chill but it doesn’t have to overtake you.
There are a lot of reasons for your feet (and hands) to be cold, so let’s make sure you’re doing your best to take care of it and prevent it from happening.
One reason for a colder body can be that your home has a draft. Check the windows and doors for small gaps or air leaks that can be bringing the cold air into your home. If it all feels sealed pretty well, you may still need to get new windows entirely, as thinly paned windows will still let in a draft. If you aren’t sure, have a contractor come check it out for you. You’ll get a better idea on how bad the situation is and some ways to fix it affordably and conveniently.
Cold foods add to an already difficult situation. If your body is cold on the outside, and you feed it cold on the inside, it’s going to have an even harder time staying warm and you’ll likely feel even more tense and immune compromised. Eat steamed vegetables and drink hot tea to keep your body strong and comfortable.
Hot socks. Have you heard of this remedy before? Sprinkle a little cayenne pepper in your socks to boost the temperature on your feet! It really works. Add to that, a pair of wool socks and your feet will be smiling.
Quick water trick. This one is great for a 10 minute fix. Just run your bath with hot water enough to soak your feet up to just past your ankles. Grab a book and a blanket for your lap. Enjoy the downtime and see how fast you warm up!

These ideas are simple and your feet will thank you. Enjoy the holiday season with all it’s joy, togetherness and giving. From us at Unique Home Building, we wish you the happiest of holiday seasons so far!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Entertaining

How to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Entertaining We all love throwing a good party and inviting our friends and loved ones over for a holiday celebration, but without the right planning, it can be really stressful. All those smaller details can get lost in the shuffle leaving you hustling at the last minute and stressed out of your mind.
This isn’t necessary and for the most part can be avoided. That’s why we at Unique Home Building wanted to share our best tips for entertaining with you today. We specialize in building homes so naturally our clients talk to us about their entertaining needs.
There are many challenges and needs they have in common and we’ve decided to bring them together here and help you prepare your home for holiday entertaining.
Assess the situation.  Be realistic about your space. Have a good idea about who you want to invite and which rooms you’ll want and need to use in order to properly entertain.
Furniture. Depending on your room sizes and the people you want to invite, you may want to either rent or remove furniture to allow for people to either sit or stand as desired. If you’ll be dining, you want to make sure you not only have enough chairs but also tables to meet your needs.
Menu. Create a menu ahead of time and see which choices you’ll make, order or ask from others to bring. Also make sure you have a headcount and then be sure to make 1 ½ times food to people.
Decor.  Don’t overdo it. For the holidays, have a small tree. String simple white lights around the room or across a mantel piece. Add sprigs of fir and cranberry to miniature table vases and include some simple tealights and votives as well. Don’t overdue it. Accent it.
Memorabilia. This one is big but worth it. Invest in a polaroid and make sure each guest gets a photo or ten of the night to take home with them. Everyone loves a night to remember.

We hope these ideas were helpful. Of course, as you plan your event, you may realize that it’s time to add a room or remodel in time for the next big event. If that’s the case, please feel free to contact the contractors at Unique Home Building for more information!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Feeling Blue? Simple Home Changes to Boost Your Mood and Energize Your Day.

Feeling Blue? Simple Home Changes to Boost Your Mood and Energize Your Day.Do you feel tired in the morning and find yourself starting the morning grumpy and sluggish? It might be time to upgrade your morning atmosphere. When we wake up, our senses quickly assess our surroundings and we subconsciously come to conclusions about how our days will be. If you wake up in a grey room, cold and with dim lights, you’re more likely to feel discouraged and sleepy.  If you wake up to sunshine and soft blues or warm greens, you’re more likely to feel energized and hopeful.

While you can’t control the weather, you can control color and ambience. Unique Home Building understands each homes need and what most have in common is that simple changes make a big difference.

Feeling Blue? Simple Home Changes to Boost Your Mood and Energize Your Day.

Start with the bedroom and the bathroom you use most, as these are what you’ll see first. Colors that energize are golden or mustard yellow, olive or sage green, sky blues or turquoise and even shades of orange and peach! Just feel out what colors are right for you. Maybe choose 2 that compliment each other and use one for the bathroom and the other for the bedroom. Alternatively, just paint the bathroom and use brightly colored curtains for the bedroom instead.

Upgrade Your Water.
Showers are on most people’s list of first things to do in the morning, so perhaps this is the time for a shower upgrade. Consider a Roman Shower for a luxurious spa feeling. Or turn things around and enjoy a hot, relaxing, meditative bath to get you going in the morning!

Lighten Up.
Lighting is one of the most important factors in any home or room. Be sure to get bulbs that let off a golden tinted color, rather than the sometimes bluish or silver lights. Those have a florescent feel to them and have been proven to add to depression. Go for the gold.

Yes, you could move into a better home or build one even, but that’s not what this one’s about. Movement in the morning has also been proven to better your mood. It get’s blood circulating and brain waves active. Try some yoga or calisthenics.  You can easily do some simple morning body movements in the comfort of your bedroom, but if you want more space, consider converting a room into a movement or exercise room. Not a bad option.

Better Timing.
No one feels good when they feel rushed. Are you allowing yourself enough time to read, think, relax, wake up and be inspired about your day? Feeling rushed causes us to feel as though we can’t be at our best or accomplish our goals. Try allowing yourself more time in the morning; even an extra 20 minutes helps.

You deserve the best day possible. Try these ideas and see which ones work for you. And if you’re ready to take a bigger step and want to add a room or do a remodel, contact the contractors at Unique Home Building. It's your home. Enjoy it!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Winter Has Arrived. Stay Warm Without Breaking the Bank.

Winter Has Arrived. Stay Warm Without Breaking the Bank.We all love the white and silver look of winter but when it’s showing up inside your windows and on your eyelashes, there’s a problem and it’s definitely not fun anymore.

The cost of home heating can really drain your budget dry, so it can be tempting to keep the heat off and try to forge ahead wearing your thickest gloves and socks. In the meantime though, we both know that it’s almost impossible to prepare your dinner in layers of wool, so we’d at Unique Home Building would rather give you some helpful ways to stay warm and also save your hard earned dollars.

Check on your heating systems before winter truly hits. Of course, you can service your system any time, but avoid being without a system that needs to be replaced in the dead of winter by having it checked sooner than later.

Fire Tea.  This one’s simple, delicious and comes with many benefits on top of keeping you warm. Just pour yourself a mug of hot (not boiling) water. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it. Add honey or stevia to taste. Then add cayenne pepper. How much you add is up to you, but you do want to be able to taste it. The combination will not only boost your immune system but will also help you stay warm, thanks to the cayenne increasing circulation all over your body.
Hot Socks. Another easy one. Did you know that cayenne works on the skin too? Just grab your socks and carefully sprinkle it into the toe and foot part of your sock. The powdered pepper will be absorbed into your feet through your pores and keep your feet warm. Be warned, don’t put it in your gloves. You don’t want the pepper going from your fingers to your eyes. OUCH.

Get Baking. A most delicious option. Use your hunger as a two for one. Bake some tasty homemade muffins, cookies or bread. Once you’re done, leave the oven open as it cools and all the heat will leak into your kitchen and living room. Win win.

Get a Wood Burning Stove. Wood-burning fireplaces or dutch ovens give off more heat than a gas fireplace and can burn scrap wood, fallen trees or branches or wood pellets, which are made from sawdust and are one of the most cost-effective forms of home heating.

Reverse your ceiling fans. Most, if not all, ceiling fans have a reverse setting for winter. By reversing your fan blades to rotate clockwise you draw down the risen heat from the ceiling and prevent it from dissipating through the roof or walls.

Keep the thermostat low. Challenge yourself to set the temperature one or two degrees lower each year. Keeping it at 55 degrees at night and 6o during the day is a common energy-efficient setting. Beware not to turn it off completely or set it too low, as this can burst pipes or cause hypothermia.

Consider a space heater.  In some, not all, cases a space heater may be more efficient to heat a small room than running a central home heating system.

One of the biggest reasons you stay cold in the winter is due to poor construction or home design. If you’d really like to invest in winter warmth, consider a remodel or totally new home construction Your options are many, so call our contractors at Unique Home Building, to see which one is best for you!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Honest Truth About Home Remodeling without the Fillers you’re thinking about doing a home remodel, the last thing you need is to be flooded with useless dead ends and sales pitches. What you really need is good advice and a team that gets the job done.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we decided that you don’t need any more random information, you just need the honest truth. We know you are a hard working person with a desire to live a good life in a house that feels like a home; without the runaround. You’ve put in years and sweat to create the life you’re living and we want to say thank you; thank you for helping make our country what it is today.

So you want to remodel? You’re not alone. We are the contractors at Unique Home Building. We are hard working people with families and values and are here to support yours along the way.

Here’s what we want to let you know:

Remodeling can be done by handy people who have an understanding of the inner workings of home structure, such as electrical, plumbing, foundation, insulation and more. If you choose to take on this venture alone, keep in mind that you’ll need to have the proper permits and licensing.

If you are choosing to do the inner workings stated above, like the electrical or plumbing yourself, then please, at least hire a consultant to double check your work and to advise you along the way.  These are not areas to take chances on.

Consider your design and floor plan as well. Many people don’t realize that they’re idea looks good on paper, but creating it will mean that you’re working against the elements like sunshine and ending up with a hotter house in the summer and a colder one in the winter.

Again, these are all basic tips that to some degree, you know. But we know how important they are and are not to be dealt with blindly!

Yes we are contractors and yes, we think it’s best to hire one. Why? Because we are trained, experienced, licensed, insured and know how to get you what you want without the headache, dead ends, money waste and regrets. Hiring a contractor gets you the design you are looking for that meets all your needs and all the professionals required to do the job right the first time.

And no, not all contractors are the same. That’s why it’s important to check out reviews and history of the contractor’s business, like this one.

You work too hard to be led down a confusing road. We want the remodeling process to be simple and clear for you. Please contact us with any further questions you might have and we’ll happily guide you in the right direction.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Easy Home Tips to Increase Energy and Get Better Sleep

It’s pretty common for people to wake up tired and worn out in morning but it isn’t necessary. Of course, there are many underlying reasons that your sleep can be disrupted, such as diet, sleep apnea or pituitary dysfunction, but those things need to be discussed with a professional and are less common.
We at Unique Home Building, are often asked our help in designing bedrooms and lighting to create better sleep, so we’ve heard every story there is on what’s working and what’s not for people’s sleep routines. So we’d like to share some very basic and simple lifestyle solutions you can do in your own home that will increase your energy and get better sleep.
Create a peaceful space:
Is your room inviting you to deep sleep?  Rooms that are too bright or don't have enough airflow can really mess with the ability to sleep deeply.  Our suggestion is to ask a contractor to install a couple extra windows. This way the air flow can stream through the room, keeping the air from getting stagnant which can lead to congestion and fatigue in the sinuses. Remember that windows bring more light, so be sure to also install blackout window shades or shutters.  This allows you to keep it dark while enjoying airflow and the option to open up the room to more light in the morning. Nothing to lose here, except the fatigue and sinus pressure!

Look at your routine:
Everyone has weaknesses in their morning routine, so let's try to reduce the confusion and chaos by being more prepared the night before.  For example, if you have a job to be at early in the morning, set your clothes aside, ironed and ready, along with any food you plan to take with you. If you have children, gather your kid’s clothes together and have lunches made in the evening; have them help too, this encourages responsibility, teamwork and less stress on you. After all, it's the prepared that succeed!

Keep the ambiance peaceful.
Having the glow of red lights and the activity of phones and computers can really rob you of your restful sleep *and* waking.  Look around your room.  Is it restful?  Do you feel warm and energized when you wake?  If not, take inventory of what's stifling you and get some change happening.  Whether it's in need of moving cyberspace to another room, painting with uplifting colors or even a total remodel, you decide what needs to happen and then get it done.  Getting proper peace and rest is vital to good health and prosperity.

It’s important, incredibly important to get hydrated first thing in the morning. Even if you do have an underlying disorder, this tip will be very helpful. Drinking water first thing in the morning not only energizes all the cells in your body, but also flushes out all of your internal systems, helping your brain to function more clearly and with more energy.

Be active.
It's common knowledge that physical activity is important for both your mind and body, but it can be really difficult to find the time to fit it into our busy schedules.  If you can go for a run or stop by the gym first thing in the morning, great! Another idea is a 20 minute yoga routine or run. If not, make a plan to implement a small routine into your morning so you at least set a pattern and habit to care for your mind and body which will in turn, not only set up your day with energy but also the rest of your life.

If you are struggling with good rest and energy for your day, please try these tips and see the improvement quickly. 

Remember, if you need to make bigger changes to your bedroom, lighting or other aspects of your hope, please contact us at Unique Home and see how we can help you!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Easy, Fun and Festive Ways to Decorate Your Home for Thanksgiving!

Easy, Fun and Festive Ways to Decorate Your Home for Thanksgiving!The food isn’t the only thing we love about Thanksgiving, it’s the whole feel of the season! And we think that festive warmth should be felt all over the home. Let your home be a feast for the eyes as well with these easy, fun and festive decorative tips from Unique Home Building.
Warm and Natural Colors. Trade in those blue curtains for a rich forest or olive green. Toss a burnt orange or rich burgundy throw blanket on the couch! Rich and warm fall colors easily bring the cozy ambience of the season into the home. For other accents, go with gold instead of silver. Gold has the feeling of fire and goes great with the color of falling leaves.
Flowers on the Table.
Wreath by Jane Joss
A simple flower arrangement will add height to your table and can be achieved in a matter of minutes. Go out to your garden and snip some greenery as your base then add flowers, berries and branches! Keep it simple. Add an elegant runner to draw the eye to the center of the table. Leaves can be used as name tags or simply an accent. Finish off your table display by adding a fresh sprig of rosemary to each white plate adding a nice contrast against the leaf.

Candles Around the Home.
Candle centerpiece. Candles of various height can be a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving. You most likely already have them in your home scattered in various rooms. Gather them all and add plain white candles or festive fall colors such as oranges, reds and browns. Another option for the minimalist is to have a gold or white plate with a neat row of 5 white or chocolate brown candles along the middle.

Nature on the Mantel.  Find some tall and skinny vases or glass cups and fill them to different heights with cranberries and acorns; you can also use different fall colored beads and layer them as desired. Add in various types of pumpkins, squash and gourds. Place orange and spice fragranced candles on either ends to complete the look.

At Unique Home Building, we love sharing bright ideas with you to help your house feel more like a home than ever.  We offer top quality contracting for home remodeling, renovation and more.

From our family to yours, have a wonderful and decorative Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Winterization Checklist that Keeps You Safe and Warm this Season

The Winterization Checklist that Keeps You Safe and Warm this SeasonThe temperatures are dropping all around the nation. Whether or not it’s bitten you by now, it’s smart to be prepared. Those low temps seem to sneak up on you and you don’t want to be caught cold with your house and health at risk.
Here are the top five things you should do to get your home ready for winter:
Hose Bibs:  These are actually the outdoor faucets found around the exterior of your home. You want to make sure these are in fine working order and aren’t susceptible to freezing or leaking as the temperatures continue to drop. Better to check these out now than have to call the plumber mid winter during an unexpected temp drop!
Furnace Filters: Winter calls for a lot of heating and you don’t want those filters to be old. Your windows will be closed and the air being circulated will not be fresh. So it’s important not to be circulating dust, dander and other irritants constantly around your home. This one is very important for your health so don’t neglect it.  
Weather Stripping: Check your windows and doors for any gaps or drafts. If you’re working hard to stay warm, you don’t need cold air sneaking inside at all ours. Apply weather stripping to seal up the spaces and holes now to save you money and chills in the future. If you’re not sure where the gaps are coming from, just call the contractors at Unique Home Building and we’ll come check it out for you. 
Replace Batteries: Batteries are an often overlooked part of home winterization. But since you’re running heaters, fires and stove tops more often, your risk of fire and gas leaks increase. Make sure you’re the first to know! Check the batteries in your thermostat, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to be on the safest side. Always keep extras with your emergency preparedness kit as well. 
We love keeping warm during winter and we know you do too. Make sure you take the steps needed to ensure you’re not only keeping warm, but safe and budget happy too! We at Unique Home Building are the home experts and are happy to answer any questions you might have as you take more steps to turning your house into the home you love.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Need More Space in Your Home? Let's Talk about Basement Finishing!

Need More Space in Your Home? Let's Talk about Basement Finishing!If your family is needing more space but you don’t want to move, then finishing your basement might be the best option for you. Basements offer a great separate space for guests, home offices, entertainment rooms, fitness and play spaces. So as Thanksgiving approaches, you can be thankful that you don’t have to move to meet your home needs. At Unique Home Building, we love helping your house to be the home you dream of, and it's important to consider the details in the process.
Here are the benefits and some helpful tips you need to know about basement remodeling:

One benefit to basement finishing and remodeling, is that when it’s done tastefully and planned well, they highly increase the value of your home, allowing you a serious return on investment.

Consider the height. If you want to use it as an exercise room, make sure you’ll have enough headroom. Lift your arms overhead. Will you be standing on a treadmill? Height can be one of the biggest challenges in basement remodels.

Lights. They can really put the right finishing touch to the remodeled basement or throw the whole thing off. Because the ceilings in a basement are usually lower than elsewhere in the house (like we said above) light reflected up off the ceiling — like the ambient lighting in this tray ceiling or the sconces on the wall — is better than light directed down.

Be disaster prepared. Flooding is always a risk in basements regardless of your location, so plan ahead. If you don't have a system in place to deal with the water, choose a flooring material that can handle getting wet, and install a floor drain. Talk to a plumber about special piping and care.

Make sure you’re following all the legal guidelines and get clearance with your insurance agent before starting the project. Some finished basements may not be insured and sometimes bedrooms are added but won't count in the total of bedrooms when you sell the house.  Know the facts before committing. But once you know the facts and are ready, get going!

Those are the basics you need to know about basement remodels. Obviously, there's always more to learn and prepare for, but you're not alone. The contractors at Unique Home Building are here and ready to answer your questions and join you every step of the way. Call us and schedule an interview today!