Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Decorate for Thanksgiving in Style, With These Festive Tablescapes

Decorate for Thanksgiving in Style, With These Festive Table ScapesThanksgiving is finally here and you likely want a cozy and welcoming ambience in the home!  We have the perfect ideas for you today so you can decorate for Thanksgiving in Style.  Try these creative and festive table scape decorations and create a warm, fall feeling for your family and guests! 

Floral Table Scape 
A simple flower arrangement will add height to your table and can be achieved in a matter of minutes. Go out to your garden and snip some greenery as your base then add flowers, berries and branches! Keep it simple. Add an elegant1 runner to draw the eye to the center of the table. Leaves can be used as name tags by simply using puff paint and glitter! This is a great project to do with the kids! Finish off your table display by adding a fresh sprig of rosemary to each white plate adding a nice contrast against the leaf.

Candle Table Scape 
Candle centerpiece. Candles of various height can be a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving. You most likely already have them in your home scattered in various rooms. Gather them all and add plain white candles or festive fall colors such as oranges, reds and browns. A simple plate with a festive boarder paired with simple gold rimmed glasses are sure to make a statement. A pumpkin can serve as a great place card holder! Either attach a label around the pumpkins stem or write the name directly on the side.

Foraged Table scape 
Foraged centerpiece. Instead of raking away the leaves that are sprinkled on your lawn,  save a few and use 2-3 types of different colored leaves to create simple base for your low laying centerpiece. Add in various types of pumpkins, squash and gourdes. Enhance your farm to table look with a statement charger, paired with a simple plate. Lastly, an old tree stump when sliced into disks make for a wonderful name card! 

At Unique Home Building, we love sharing bright ideas with you to help your house feel more like a home than ever.  We offer top quality contracting for home remodeling, renovation and more. 

From our family to yours, have a wonderful and decorative Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Capture the Christmas Smell With This DIY Holiday Room Spray!

Capture the Christmas Smell With This DIY Holiday Room Spray!What's better than the luxurious and timeless smell of the holidays. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, there really are few things that can compare. Add to that, the fresh smell of a Christmas tree in your living room and you have a picture perfect setting for incredible smells and holiday cheer! Wouldn't it be great if we had the pleasure of our homes being filled with the scents whenever we wanted?  Well, not only can you intensify the pleasant smells of Christmas this year, but all winter long if you want it to linger.

Make your own holiday room spray with essential oils!  This spray is perfect for bringing in the smell of holiday nostalgia and is totally non-toxic, safe for the family! 

The base of the spray is fir and cedar wood, two scents which never fail to remind me of Christmas trees. Then there comes orange, cinnamon, clove, and vanilla; the delicious scents that bring about memories of Christmas dinner, fresh baked goods, and general warmth. 

Here’s what you’ll need:
- Empty Spray Bottle
- Small jug of water (enough to fill the spray bottle)
- Essential Oils (See Below)

- 60 drops of Orange Sweet
- 10 drops of Cinnamon Bark
- 20 drops of Silver Fir

This will give us a sweet and spicy room fragrance, which is nice to spray at gatherings and feasts. Sweet orange creates a cheerful social ambience, while cinnamon stimulates digestion.

Fill your spray bottle with water from the jug (or straight from the tap). Add 60 drops of Orange Sweet Essential Oil, 10 drops of Cinnamon Bark Oil, and 20 drops of Silver Fir Oil. Put the cap on the bottle and gently shake to mix the oils in.
Spray away! It really couldn’t be simpler!
We hope your holiday is a beautiful one!  Make this spray early to bring in the cheer during your Thanksgiving meal and then use generously to your heart's content! 
From all of us at Unique Home Building, we want to wish you and the lovely people of Dallas, Texas, a warm Happy Thanksgiving! Choose us for all your home remodeling and renovation needs!

Feeling Cramped? How to Host a Thanksgiving Feast In a Small Living Space!

How to Host a Thanksgiving Feast In a Small Living Space!Small home?  You can still enjoy the holidays! Thanksgiving is finally upon us and if you're scrambling around at the last minute wondering how to fit everyone, we have some great tips on how to host thanksgiving in a small living space!

In our busy lives, it can be hard enough to wrangle everyone together for a holiday meal. So once you have them gathered, have peace of mind knowing they will sit, eat and celebrate comfortably!

  • Move all of the small living room and dining room furniture to the sides (or, in my friend’s case, end tables, lamps, and ottoman will go to her bedroom) to showcase a long dining table in the middle (or two folding tables end-to-end).
  • Create a “kids’ table” using the patio or low coffee table with floor seating over a large, washable mat or rug.
  • Clear off all small appliances like the blender, toaster, and coffee pot (to be used later with pie!), leaving more counter space for food prep or appetizer dishes.
  • Use strategically-placed coolers for drinks so the refrigerator can hold the salads and other side items needing refrigeration.
  • Use crock pots and hot plates instead of the stove to keep items warm and eliminate the heat that using both burners and an oven can sometimes create.
  • Hang fall d├ęcor to create more floor space, and use string lighting and ceiling lamps for room lighting (that floor lamp just took up too much space – it had to go!).
  • Forget what your mom (and grandma) said about having to use fine china at Thanksgiving! Use good quality, disposable cutlery and plates to make clean-up a breeze.
  • Instead of your standard kitchen trash can, use a long cardboard box sectioned out with bags to separate plastic, cans, and trash – this way, it will be easier to take out and not such an eyesore as the box sits low to the ground.
  • Use the sofa! Carts, card tables, and TV trays allow some visitors to utilize the sofa as extra seating during dinner.
  • Don’t take on all of the responsibility – make it a Thanksgiving potluck and ask everyone to bring a side dish or dessert!  (thanks to Judy Pearson!)
Here at Unique Home Building, we specialize in making a house your home. We hope these tips help you have a wonderful holiday this year. And maybe, you'll even be inspired to give your family the gift of a remodel for next year?  We are just a phone call away! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Don't Ruin Your Family's Thanksgiving! Avoid Big Mistakes with These Helpful Tips!

Don't Ruin Your Family's Thanksgiving! Avoid Big Mistakes with These Helpful Tips!Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks.  However, it is also a time when a bunch of people enter into your house, eat turkey, watch football, and put your home's durability to the test. But worry you not, your feast can still be a great experience, with just few pre-emptive preparations, this year's Thanksgiving Day can be fun, relaxing, and restful. 

Purge Your Old Spices:  Spices get old.  Unless you want your nutmeg to taste like bland chalk, now is a great time to dispose of outdated spices and replace them with something fresh.  Just do the taste test.  

Check for Smells:  You may be accustomed to living with your sweet animal and not even notice that your home smells of canine.  So this is a good time of the year to clean your surfaces.  If you have carpet, get it cleaned.  If you have hard-surface floors, make sure they’re swept of pet hair and mopped. One that usually gets forgotten is the tops of dining room chairs; especially the “spare” ones that live in the garage.

Make Your Pamper Appointments Now:  Remember, the holiday season sneaks up on all of us…and before you know it you’ll be looking at your hair in the mirror and wondering if you really want to be remembered in holiday photos with your mane in shambles.

Weatherize: Nothing says "we have to go now" faster than an uncomfortable home.  It may be a little tough to get a home efficiency audit  before the holiday, but the reality is that the cold season is just starting.  A home energy audit will tell you where your home is leaking air and the best course of action to make your space more comfortable and save you money. So schedule one asap if you can, but in the meantime, notice where there is a draft, seal up leaky windows and employ space heaters if you can. 

Check the Electrical:  Basically, make sure your home’s electrical system is up to the task of all the baking and heating that about to occur.  If you’re tripping a breaker when you iron your clothes now, imagine how familiar you’re about to become with the circuit breaker when you're preparing a massive meal and the lights go out. Be prepared. 

Frugal Decor:  If you haven’t already decorated—those same pumpkins and fall leaves that were for sale at full price before Halloween are now steeply discounted—and they work just as well for Thanksgiving. 

Toilet Test:  Thanksgiving will test your toilet. Second only to Super Bowl Sunday, Thanksgiving is a very busy day for the ever loved water closet.  If it is acting up now…chances are it could have melt down when the flushing frequency goes up.

Don't let these last minute surprises get you down! Be prepared and be sure to let the contractors at Unique Home Building know where, how and when you need us! We're here for you!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Need Gift Ideas? Now Is the Perfect Time to Prepare For The Holidays!

Need Gift Ideas? Now Is the Perfect Time to Prepare For The Holidays!

A New Kitchen, Remodeling the Bathroom, or a Room Addition Would Make Somebody at Your House Happy

As much as we all dislike the department store holiday decor that shows up in October, it's wise to
admit that the holidays really are just weeks away and the early elf gets the gift together!

You don't want to be left rushing around at the last minute! Now is the perfect time to prepare for the holidays! If you need gift ideas, we're here to provide!

Top idea for today?

It's a big one that can go in so many directions.

Give the gift of remodel!  Whether a small room addition, installing a steam room or updating your kitchen, remodels have endless returns on investment that the whole family can enjoy!

More people today are remodeling their homes than any time in history and this trend is expected to continue! If you live in a house that you generally love, plan to stay there at least five years, and you're located in a desirable neighborhood, then remodeling makes perfect sense financially.

You can give your kitchen a fresh updated look. You can give your family the space it needs or  make an ordinary bathroom more luxurious. Well planned and used square footage combined with efficient and up to date kitchens already increase the value of your home. 

At Unique Home Building, we know the importance of planning these changes carefully and have your peace of mind at the top of our list. As the holidays approach, we will continue to share our great holiday gift ideas with you to make your shopping that much easier! As always, please contact us with any questions and our Dallas contractors will be ready to help you find the answer for you!