Friday, June 27, 2014

Building a Better Bedroom: Upgrade Your Bedroom For A Better Night's Sleep

Building a Better Bedroom:  Upgrade Your Bedroom For A Better Night's SleepIf you're not getting the quality shut-eye you crave, it may be time to rethink your bedroom environment. A lack of sleep can lead to more than just sluggishness and under-eye circles; research shows that it can weaken the immune system, cause weight gain, and impede overall health, not to mention shorten your life span. While you can't build more hours into your day, you can tinker with your bedroom environment to improve your chances of getting a restful night's sleep. Here are a number of ways to do that.

Ceiling fans have the power to work like a lullaby with their soothing white noise and gentle breeze to keep your body cool. And, since they're cheaper to operate than an air conditioner, you won't lie awake fretting over your electric bills. Your sleep will be more comfortable in mind and body. 


A bright tuscan inspired yellow may be the perfect shade to brighten a dark room, but it's not ideal for a restful night’s sleep. A better choice would be one that considers going with a more relaxing and calming shade in a cool-color family like light blue, sage green, or rich purple. Color your room for beauty sleep.


Waking up rested isn't only about the number of hours your head rests on a pillow.  It also has a lot to do with how the slumber ends! It's not normal to feel refreshed with an obnoxious alarm clock.  You may want to invest in an alarm clock that eases the transition from sleep to wake, rather than startling you. This will definitely help you start the day feeling fresh. 

Remember how cozy it was for you when your mom turned out the light after tucking you in? There's something so relaxing and ritualistic about the routine that really invites real relaxation. Re-create that comforting atmosphere with a dimmer switch that works via remote control. Some even allow you to choose different shades of light!  If you need help, we at Unique Home Building are happy to help install them.

The beautiful morning sun light is an incredible thing to wake up but when it shows up too early, it can deprive you of crucial REM sleep. One of the easiest ways to find something suitable for keeping you asleep is with the darkness that black out shades provide.  Once you're awake and moving, though, make sure you open the shades wide, because morning light also helps strengthen your body rhythms and get your brain going!

Dust, pollen, and pet dander trigger allergic reactions that cause sinus and asthma problems and can seriously disrupt a good night's sleep. There are many air purifiers out there - so do your homework and see how cleaner air can help your sleep improve!

If you'd like more suggestions or to jump into a bigger home renovation project, we at Unique Home, would love to help! Here's to your health and rest!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Enjoying Fireworks This Fourth of July? Here Are Some Safety Tips To Remember!

Enjoying Fireworks This Fourth of July?  Here Are Some Safety Tips To Remember!Fireworks are a spectacle enjoyed by the masses and the fourth of July gives us a day to look forward to all year!  But are you being safe or setting up your family and children for injury and accidents? 

Don't be afraid!  This is a time to celebrate and enjoy family togetherness in the beauty of summer!  But it's very important to make sure you are following the basic safety guidelines so that this is a pleasant experience for all!  
Home fireworks are a magical experience for all.  Here's how to keep things safe this 4th of July!

  • Never allow children to play with fireworks! I know it's tempting, but generally, it's best to let those older than 14 be the ones to moderate and handle these dangerous, yet exciting tools.
  • Make sure to always read and follow all warnings and instructions.
  • Look around to be sure other people are far out of range before lighting fireworks. Jumping flames are never a good experience, especially if they land on someone's skin.
  • Only choose smooth, flat surfaces that are away from flammable materials, when lighting the spark. 
  • If a firework has malfunctioned, do not relight them.
  • Always keep a bucket of water near by just in case of a malfunction or fire.
  • Line up the home fireworks display with a viewing area on one side only. Think of it as on a stage - don't let people backstage! It's too hard to keep an eye on all participants if the display is surrounded.
  • Keep the fireworks sitting on a hard flat surface with nothing flammable around. Make sure any dry leaves, paper or clutter are out of the way. Check the plants and grass - if it's yellow and dead, that is not a good place to be setting off fireworks. Concrete or a well-watered, green lawn is the best. Using lawn will keep burn marks off the concrete. Then again, do you really want to place flame on your healthy lawn?  Sticking to concrete is best.
  • Only one person should light the display. It's best to make sure that person is not be drinking alcohol before or during the show as well.
  • Only light one firework at a time.
  • Wait until each firework is finished before lighting the next.
  • Sparklers should only be handled by kids older than 12.
  • Place all used sparklers in the water bucket.
  • Some Extra Tips:
    • Never smoke around fireworks! (obvious, but - seriously, it still needs to be said!)
    • Do not light fireworks on windy days. Not only will be a huge challenge, but IF they light, the flame could be carried or jump.  
    • Wear cotton clothing to light fireworks. This tip is mainly preventative in case the flame gets on someone's body. Synthetic fibers tend to melt onto skin, while cotton does not burn easily. 
    • Use a long-tipped lighter for lighting fireworks to keep hands and faces away from fuses.
Be safe out there!  From all of us at Unique Home Building, have a happy independence day! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

How to Make Your Backyard the Place to Be For the 4th of July!

As far as holidays go, 4th of July is a pretty easy one to host!  Usually the weather is great, school is out and everyone's in that laid-back summer mindset. You don't have to cook forever like with the winter holidays or decorate your house within an inch of its life! Independence Day is all about parades, fireworks and grilling, and the backyard is where the action is.

How to Make Your Backyard the Place to Be For the 4th of July!
If you're the barbecue host this year, don't stress! You are the lucky one and decorating your backyard will be both fun and easy! You don't have to worry about color scheme, so that's one off the list. Of course, you can go the quick-and-easy route and buy out the seasonal holiday decor aisle at your local party store, but you don't have to stick strictly to stars and stripes. 
Let's get creative this year and find things around the house that will look outstanding when put together in a fabulous 4th of July theme!
And once you've decked out your yard, maybe hand the grilling to someone else? Grab a drink, sit back and be sure to make time to enjoy the fireworks!
Here's how you can make your backyard the place to be for the fourth of July: 
  • This year, have some fun with fabric! You can find red, white or blue fabric in any kind of pattern you want.  It doesn't have to be stars and stripes, just the right colors! Tie the strips to the railings with contrasting strips of material. 
  • Find patterned paper that you can cut stars from. 
  • Get red, whit and blue rubber bands and wrap them around clear votive holders to make a striped candle display. 
  • For decorative healthy snacks, place red apples in blue buckets or strawberries in white bowls. 

Make sure to look for creative color ideas when you're thinking about the three most important components of your Fourth of July backyard d├ęcor: table coverings, lighting and accenting finishing touches.

The table is one of the most fun things to dress up! Color coordination isn't going to be a problem, so you really can't go wrong with whatever you choose to cover your tables. The easiest thing to do with any other kind of table is to start off with a plain white tablecloth and then embellish it. Try striped ribbon, glittery paper stars, crepe paper edging or a fabric runner with tiny paper stars dangling from the ends. If that sounds like too much work, or you're having a lot of kids over, keep it simple and fun. Just cover the tables with white paper, provide red and blue crayons and stickers, and let the kids do the decorating. They will love their decorative freedom!! 

As you can see there are many ways to create a celebratory space this year.  Take one or all of the ideas and you'll be so glad you did!  

We love making your home a place to gather.  If there is anything else we can help you with, come visit our contractors at Unique Home Building, and we'll get you going with your dreams! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Your Kitchen Needs A Face Lift. Here's How You Can Do It FAST and Affordably:

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens so they should look and feel good, right?  But so many kitchens, due to old decor or poor floor plans, feel old, worn out, dark and downright depressing.  

Your Kitchen Needs A Face Lift.  Here's How You Can Do It FAST and Affordably:You should feel good and uplifted in your kitchen. After all, it's where we prepare our food. And if you are frustrated while preparing food, you are not setting yourself up for a peaceful meal, bonding with your family or making for good digestion. 

We'd like to share some simple ideas to give your kitchen the face lift it needs... and you can do it fast and affordably too!  Here's how: 

1. Switch out your lighting.  
Look into using some stylish new pendant lights in the kitchen. These can easily become the new focal point of the room. You can usually find them for under $200, they are versatile and won't empty your savings! 

2. Update to better hardware. 
Classic hardware is a great option when you need upgrade as they subtly enhance the look and feel of the entire space. Just keep an eye on the price per piece when shopping, because it can add up fast; especially if you have a large kitchen with many cabinets. 

3. Accessorize Wisely. 
Sometimes your options for accessories are limited, so it's important to make the most of the little things. Gather together your most used items on woven tray, prop up a few wooden boards on your counter and display pantry items with pretty packaging. This is great for things like, honey, sugar, salt, pepper and olive oil!

4. Give Your Cabinets A Fresh Look.
If your kitchen cabinets have a dated finish or you want a more personal touch than just the average standard-issue white cabinets, you may want to think about adding color. Try going with pale earth tones, as they are all versatile choices that go with many different materials and finishes. You can also paint just half the cabinets for a high-contrast look. A palette of black and white with wood and metal accents looks sleek and modern in the kitchen. Get the look by painting only the bottom cabinets and the base of your kitchen island black, leaving the upper cabinets white.

5. Just Add Sconces. 
Swing-arm sconces above open shelving provide lovely light and offer more personality and ambiance than standard recessed or track lighting. Ideally you would want an electrician to install them with the cords hidden, but it might be possible to use plug-in versions with cord covers concealing the dangling cords.

6. Color Me Rustic.
Farmhouse accents instantly add warmth and character to a boring and drab kitchen. Replace the kitchen or pantry door with a sliding barn door, hang copper pots from a ceiling rack or bring in a timeworn antique wooden stool. You can even sand some of the wood's edges for a worn and distressed look.

8. Add Simple Shelving.
Lacking upper cabinets? Rustic wood shelves on metal brackets are easily (and cheaply) installed, and provide functional display space for everyday dishes.

9. Treat Yourself To Something New.
Isn't it time for some new dishes?  I think you deserve it! Open shelving and counters are a great opportunity to practice the art of display. You can't go wrong with classic white dishes and clear glass, but fun mismatched finds would work just as well if that's your style.

10. Finish It Off With Shade.
Roman shades add an elegant note to any room and look especially at home in the kitchen, where any softness is most welcome. Have matching shades made for any glass doors in the same room for a consistent look.

You deserve to feel good about the home you're in.  And if simple updates here and there aren't enough, you may want to think about upgrading the whole space!  Call the contractors at Unique Home Building and we'll get you started right away.  We're here for you, because your house should always feel like a home. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Still Want To Build A Summer Deck! 5 Deck Planning Mistakes You Can Avoid!

Still Want To Build A Summer Deck! 5 Deck Planning Mistakes You Can Avoid!Summer is here an in Texas, it's here for a long time.  As the season moves on, we hear so many people wishing they had updated their decks with a fresh coat of paint or just built one in the first place. People enjoy having a place to relax and entertain family and friends in the heat. Why not? The thing is, before you rush off to your local home improvement store to stock up on supplies, read the list below. This way, you'll be more likely to avoid some classic 'deck planning' mistakes.   

Go Pro With Your Design
Whether you're doing it yourself or would like to hire a contractor, do not undervalue the importance of choosing a design that will wow yourself and your visitors.  Need help? Unique Home Building has got you covered. 
Consider The Sun
As we all know, the sun can be an intense and fierce blessing.  So, if you or others burn easily, take that into consideration and make sure to include a shade element into the design. 
The Barbeque
The BBQ is usually the worst placed deck feature. You really need to remember that the gas line needs to run to the ideal BBQ location... not the other way around. Plan ahead and make sure it makes sense.  Decide where the BBQ should go THEN plan the gas lines.
Choose Furniture Before Building
How often do you get the chance to go furniture shopping, and then build the room to match the furniture? Don't skip out on this fun chance! Get out there and browse the incredible selection of shapes and sizes you like.  Grab the exterior set you're in love with and build the deck to suit the pieces. 
Use Footings 
Still Want To Build A Summer Deck! 5 Deck Planning Mistakes You Can Avoid!Even if you are building a deck that does not require a permit, the general guidelines are still good to follow and it is important to use 48” deep concrete footings that extend below the frost line, *just in case*.  Always use a builders tube to keep frost from being able to heave the footing. Not a fun fact - but helpful in the end. 
In Conclusion  
In the end, do your homework.  Check to see if you will need permits.  Whether or not you do, you'll still want to build it properly. There are so many ways to make sure your deck is a uniquely built one that suits your needs and vision. That's what we are here for.  For more information or to get planning on your next deck or other home renovation project, call the contractors at Unique Home Building and we'll get you going. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wouldn't You Love to Enjoy Your Home In All Weather and All Seasons? Here's How:

Imagine stepping away from the chaos of your world and in to your own personal at home paradise. It's possible and it's waiting for you. Sunrooms are the perfect place to relax while enjoying a beautiful view, sit down with a book, meet with friends, or even take a mid-day nap during the day. Sunrooms are usually built to be adjacent to the rest of the house and connected to it through a door or a walkway. There is also the option of turning an existing room into a sunroom by making some of its walls entirely of windows. When this room is a house extension its room is often also made of glass.  

Add some fresh plant life and a chaise lounge and you have your own at-home getaway~ 

Doesn't that sound like an ad for a resort hotel? But you can do it! It's as simple as a new home addition and earns you an impressive, year-round enjoyable oasis!

Still need more convincing? 
Wouldn't You Love to Enjoy Your Home In All Weather and All Seasons? Here's How:
1. Your Neighbors Will Love It
Your friends and family will love spending time with you in your new space. Your neighbors may even beg to come over just to hang out. Whether you are the host of neighborhood, or if you've been looking for a way to one-up the Jones' then you've found it. (not that that is a good motive... but it would be fun!)

2. Up Your Home's Resale Value
You're not only adding a great looking space to your home, but also adding to your square footage, improving your home's value and resell appeal!  However, once you have the new space, you'll likely not want to leave! 

3. Your Home Looks Great Now... Wait Until Your Sunroom is Finished
One of the best ways to improve the overall look of your home is to add on a new sunroom. You will create an incredible first impression for visitors! 
Just you wait! When your first unknowing visitors to come inside and see the wonderful relaxation area you have added on, they won't want to leave!  Then again, you may want to keep it a secret for a little while; to avoid having to share your space with too many friends!

4. Enjoy The View
You're home already has its wonderful views. Now you can enjoy them the whole year round! During the most beautiful, snowy winters and through the hottest of summers, you'll be sitting back, enjoying the relaxation of your sunroom! Your family will be able to spend time together watching flowers bloom and seasons change and have a great place to gather during holidays.

5. This Is Your Time
It can be really hard to find time to relax at home in the middle of all the chaos! But aren't our homes  supposed to be a haven? Adding a sunroom creates a designated area for relaxation, reading, thinking, praying and napping. 
Isn't that what you need? A place to get away? A place to meet with friends and family? This is a way to improve your home's value while improving your overall mental state! 

At Unique Home Building, the comfort of your home is our highest priority! 

Please call us and let us know how we can better your space for you!! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Does Your Bathroom Feel Worn Out? Give Your Bathroom a Quick and Easy Facelift with These 13 Great Ideas!

People spend a lot of time in their bathrooms, so it's only understandable that you would want to freshen it up now and then.  Whether you are wanting to simply update the decor or do a complete bathroom remodel, we want you to know that you have options that can even be enjoyed as soon as today.  

Isn't that great? 

Below, we are going to share with you a list of our 
favorite easy update ideas for your bathroom.  Enjoy!

Does Your Bathroom Feel Worn Out? Give Your Bathroom a Quick and Easy Facelift with These 13 Great Ideas!1. First of all, before you dive into any redecoration or remodel, you want to have a clear vision. Don't just start making changes because you like this and that. Pick a theme and stick with it.

2 If you have the chance to grab a baroque-inspired accent, such as a large mirror with a detailed frame, you'll have an easy and stylish update, bringing a classy contemporary feel to your bathroom.

3 Here's a simple one: update your bathroom accessories by investing in a new and improved matching bathroom set.

4. Going with that same feel, a new bath mat and matching towels are an excellent, budget-friendly way to give your bathroom a good face lift.

5. Wall decals!!  These are a cute and simple way to add style and character to otherwise boring and plain spaces. Pair graphic walls with modern fixtures and you give the space a whole new look. 

6. If you're up for the project, you can add a fresh coat of paint or even  interesting wallpaper; it's becoming quite a loved trend these days.

7. Be sure to keep your cleaning products and accessories hidden by hanging an over-the-door carry-all on the inside of cabinet doors for extra storage. This will keep things looking tidy and clutter free. 

8. Use colorful or printed towels for bathrooms with a neutral or muted decor and use neutral or white towels to compliment a bold, graphic decor.

9. Rings. New shower curtain and rings are an easy and affordable way to update your bathroom's decor. Same rule as above - let your rings be an accent that compliment your decor.

10.  Adding a bright or relaxing piece of art, like a photo of a beautiful beach taken on a recent vacation or a simple and bold painting to liven up empty walls.

11. Elbow grease helps - give your shower stall a fresh feeling by cleaning the tile with grout cleaner.

12. Add personality and flare to your cabinets by adding new pretty door knobs!

13. Paint the bathroom ceilings a lighter color than the walls. Consider pale blue, silvery green or buttery yellow to achieve an open and airy effect. Perhaps one of my favorite ideas.  This turns the bathroom from cave to oasis!

Hope you are inspired and ready to give your bathroom the face lift it's been waiting for. And if you're even more ready to take the plunge and start planning your bathroom remodel, the contractors of Unique Home building are here to make your space into the place you love. 

Call us today. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Is Your Home Ready for Summer? Sit Back and Relax With these Simple Summer Home Decor Updates

Is Your Home Ready for Summer?  Sit Back and Relax With these Simple Summer Home UpdatesSummer is the time for you to release your cares and enjoy the slowly passing hours in the sunshine.  Enjoy the playfulness of children and catch up on the golden hues that love to rest on your legs and shoulders.  

While you may not want to enter into a home remodeling project, you still may want to enjoy a few simple summer home face lifts that will brighten up your view and let the smiles set in a little deeper. 

But is your home ready for all that?   We want you to take a moment to sit back and relax as you get inspired by these simple summer home updates. 


Color it Lovely 
Play with color as you update your home. Have fun with it! But also make sure you don't over do it! 
Is Your Home Ready for Summer?  Sit Back and Relax With these Simple Summer Home UpdatesA good rule to stick to is to mix and match three bright colors to give your home an update.  The colors can be a mix of vibrant and muted.  Just make sure they compliment each other and don't feel overwhelming.  One idea is to take these colors and buy your accents with them included, such as vases, espresso cups and pillows!

Dive in to Textiles
Textiles are an incredibly fun way to easily refresh the look of your entire home. Think of the colors you chose for the above suggestion and bring them into your accenting textiles and fabrics. For example:
  • Change out your heavier window coverings for sheer or gauzy curtains. Go with these lighter fabrics for summer to avoid rooms feeling too weighed down.
  • Splurge and invest in a new area rug for your summer motif. You can go with a heavier print if you opt into sheer window treatments. This allows boldness and heavier tones, but in more appropriate and complimenting places.
  • Update your heavy comforters with a more simple throw blanket, either for every day use or as a light accent that warms the chill of the summer night breeze. 
Less is Best
Summer is actually the time to reduce your decorative footprint. It's an airy, breezy time and you want your decor to reflect that.  Trinkets and small decorative pieces are great, but can really feel cluttering in the summer.  Consider storing a few of these items away for the season.  Another way to add minimalist freshness is to remove cases from accent pillows and reveal their white casings.  Increasing the presence of white in your decor allows you to keep the stuff but without feeling overwhelmed by it.  If you'd like to keep them covered, consider a fitted white cotton or lace crochet case!

Make it Bright
Just add flowers! Summer arrangements should look casual and organically put together. So if this is your first time, relax and know you can't really go wrong here!  Just start placing them in the ways that feel simple and best! 
Want an edible alternative? Fill a white bowl with either lemons or Granny Smith apples and petals, as a centerpiece. Nothing says summer quite like a pop of floral and fruity colors!

Love the Light
During the summer, the sun rises earlier and sets later, and all that extra light can lift one's spirits and set the mood for summer. One of the best ways to enhance the natural lighting in a room is to add mirrors to your decor. Place a floor mirror in a dark corner of a room to brighten your space from the ground up, or hang a mirror on the wall to allow sunlight to bounce off it and onto the other walls of the room.

You are going to feel divine in your home this summer with these simple ideas. Think about what you've read, look around and see what you can do.  You may already have what you need at home.  If not, you can take a quick, affordable trip to the store and grab a few simple staple items.

Enjoy the season upon you and relax.  Unwind. Enjoy!

For more home update ideas, remodeling tips and home renovation planning, visit us at Unique Home Building and let us know how we can help!