Monday, April 8, 2013

7 Pot Drawer Ideas to Include in Your Kitchen Remodel

Pots, Pans, and Other Cookware Take Up the Most Space in Your Cabinets.  Put Them in Drawers for the Greatest Convenience.


Pot drawers - simple straightforward - no gimmicks

Like so many things in the 21st Century, our abundant wealth can turn into just another headache.  50 years ago, you might have owned one frying pan, three sizes of pots, and a griddle.  Somehow we survived.  Today, you might have two sets of cookware, one with and one without a coated surface.  Then there's the electric skillet, the crock pot, and the sandwich maker.  This is just the beginning.

Next we have the baking tools and the glass casseroles.  "Nuff said.  We have stuff, and the kitchen is commonly loaded with tools we seldom, if ever use.  But since we "might need it someday," we are faced with how to store our largess.  The key things to think about with cookery is the size and weight of the pieces, plus keeping lids associated with their specific pot or pan.  (In some later post we can talk more about lids as it relates to plastic containers.  Yikes!)

Pot shelf slider behind cabinet doors.  Can go anywhere.
Many cooks love to display their cooking gear on hooks over the center island.  The good news is that in order to do this, you will end up being especially mindful to scrub ever pot and pan to a shining perfection, so they look nice as the centerpiece of the room.  The bad news is that you will have to scrub and spit shine every . . .  Of course, it also isn't easy to get these guys down from their hooks, and the more diminutive among us might even need a ladder. 

Pot drawer with lids separate. 

With size and weight being the issue, you will generally want to think large storage area, and counter height or lower.  I'm a big fan of lazy susans, pull out shelves and pot drawers.  Good pot drawers are very convenient and hold huge amounts of cooking items.

Use dividers if your crew will be able to figure them out.

The Seven Ideas

  1. Start with the end in mind.  Take out all your existing pots, pans, and other heavy and space consuming cookery.  Think.  Do you plan to add to this?  What would you add?  Now, what kind of space would this consume?  Two drawers?  Three?
  2. Are you a neat freak or a messy?  What about those who wash and put away pots and pans in your home?  If teenage boys, we know the answer.  This will potentially help determine if you want more of a filing system than just open space.  For teen boys and some adult men, you may want to have a location chart created to show where things go.
  3. With all drawers in your new kitchen, but especially pot drawers, don't skimp on the hardware.  You can buy hardware today that will handle very heavy drawers for 30 years or longer of daily use.
  4. Lids on or lids separate?  If separate, will they be easy to match with their mate, or will this be another plastic container fiasco?  If lids are to go on the pots, will this take up way too much room?
  5. Consider three pot drawers of different sizes.  One very deep for the large pans.  A second drawer that would be the right depth for smaller pots, casseroles, and frying pans.  Then a third drawer that might be set up as a filing drawer for all the lids.  
  6. It there is no where for these pot drawers to go do to space on the walls, consider a stand alone unit with wheels.  
  7. For almost unlimited ideas on pot drawers visit
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