Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dallas Real Estate: Most Expensive Mansion Ever in Dallas

Asking price of $135,000,000 makes this the highest price residential property ever offered in Dallas or the US.

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The Crespi/Hicks estate is currently the most expensive home on the market - listed at $135 million.

Currently, the most expensive private residence on the market is not in the Bay Area or New York City, as many would naturally assume, but deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas.
Recently coming onto the market, the luxury 29,000 square foot mansion is in the uber elite Mayflower Estates community of Dallas, home to the likes of former President George W. Bush. But it’s really hard to call former President Bush a neighbor, as the property is a vast 25 acres, with its own lake, meadows, gardens, creeks, tennis court, two guest houses, a pool and a 3 story pool house.

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