Saturday, September 29, 2012

Great garages: home remodels in Dallas
When our Dallas home remodel and building company builds a new garage, our goal is to make your garage not only an asset to your home, but the envy of the neighborhood. We are a full service garage builder serving Dallas and the Dallas suburbs. A custom garage is a proven resale incentive. When the time comes to sell your home, its an investment that will pay off.
We can build frame and brick garages.
Our frame garages can be built with a variety of exterior finishes including cement board siding, cedar, stucco, & vinyl siding.
Our professional garage designers have the experience to guide you through the choices that suit your needs, budget, and taste.
At Unique Properties we intend to build the best quality custom garages in Dallas. We are prepared to handle all steps of your new garage project: planning, permitting,  teardown, foundation and flooring, building, and electrical work.


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