Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dallas home remodel rave customer reviews

If you are  looking for a general contractor to build your room addition or custom home, or remodel your Dallas home's patio, kitchen, or bathroom; give us a call. Perhaps you are worried about finding a trustworthy business to help you out. Of course you want the job done right, on time, and in budget, but that is not how construction jobs often go, and we've all heard horror stories.
We have many clients who can testify to the work we do. We are skilled, clean, honest, punctual, and service-oriented.
Listen to our customers  Cecil and Cheryl Miller had to say about our work:  "I love my new house! Well, it is not really a new house but it sure looks like one. From the addition of 1600 square feet upstairs which includes and entertainment room, bar, office, bedroom and two bathrooms to a complete kitchen remodel, I couldn't ask for better work. We have been through 3 remodels and this by far was the easiest to live through. Mike made sure his people were the least intrusive into our living space as they could be and made sure things were cleaned up everyday. The work these guys did is just beautiful as you can see by the pictures. As with all costruction jobs, something will surely go wrong or there will be somthing that jsut isn't quite the way you want it. All I had to do is just mention it to Mike and I knew I didn't have to worry about it because he would take care of it. Mike was a real pleasure to deal with and it was obvious that pleasing the homeowner is his top priority. We highly recommend him without hesitation." 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dallas remodel for your business success

As owners of Dallas remodeling business, we know that your storefront, office or factory is essential to your business success. You need your facility to reflect positively on your products and services. You need an efficient workspace that gives you good traffic patterns, efficient use of space, and functional and pleasant lighting. Finally, you want those who work in the space to be comfortable and happy to be there, and to make a pleasant impression on visitors.

Unique Properties can meet with you at any stage of the development of your tenant improvement. We can help you from the very start of the effort to design the space, to include all of the above considerations, and more. Then we can help you select materials and fixtures that will be the best investment of your money. We will work with the local government regarding all permitting and approvals, and do the buildout.

Call us now to get your business space in motion.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Patio or sunroom home remodels in Dallas

For many of our Dallas home remodel clients, the least expensive space in their home ends up being the place they spend the greatest amount of time. A well-designed sunroom or patio can be the most enjoyable and functional part of any residence.
But, even though the cost per square foot tends to be affordable, you should not cut corners by going with the lowest bidder and all the cheapest options. Since you will likely spend a lot of time in this space as a family, and entertaining, you will want to make sure the job is done well.
Unique Properties will help you make those choices- everything from the placement of the gas lines to the patio cover.
Sunrooms are known for being too noisy when it rains. We can help you find units that reduce that noise by half. We will help you decide where you need to block the sun, or let the sun stream in so your sun room is comfortable throughout the year.
Allow us to help you build your dream into a reality that will give you years of fun and relaxation in your new patio or sunroom.