Saturday, April 28, 2012

Home Remodel Dallas Trends Part 3: Mother-in-Law Suites and Tiny Houses

With many families doubling up or downsizing, and with everyone’s mind on environmental impact, home remodel Dallas trends have ventured into new territory: tiny houses. Picture an inexpensive, environmentally-friendly, transportable cottage resembling something from a storybook. C'mon, you know you want one!
Tiny houses range in size from 70-1000 square feet, sometimes being built on a trailer bed or back of a pickup truck to be truly mobile, and sometimes so small they do not require a building permit to construct. Some brave souls are choosing these as their primary dwelling, touting the home’s frugality and simple maintenance, but more commonly they are cropping up as backyard artist’s retreats, guest, or mother-in-law dwellings.
The traditional mother-in-law apartment, (or house-within-a-house) is also enjoying popularity. As multigenerational living is on the rise in America, homes are being remodeled to comfortably accommodate adult children and aging parents. As many people have put their focus on financial savvy, the idea of having rental income is appealing to many. This is a great way to maximize underutilized space in a home, adding to its value. Attics, garages, and sunrooms can be remodeled to include bedrooms with kitchenettes and bathrooms. Loft beds, murphy beds, and built-in shelving make the most out of small spaces.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Home Remodel Dallas Trends Part 2: Bathroom Trends

An important thing to know before your home remodel Dallas: new laws dictate that all new home construction and bathroom remodels will not pass inspection without low-flow toilets and showerheads. The entire state of Texas also is also moving to strictly low-flush toilets by 2014. So, yes, trends are definitely going green for bathrooms in our arid climate. If you are worried about whether you’ll be able to rinse your hair, though, fear not. Today’s green fixtures pack a lot of performance and even (gasp!) luxury. Comfort is high priority, and the latest technology is redefining bathroom comfort. We see this in digital showerheads, on-demand water heaters, water pressure stabilization, and much greater demand for televisions in the bathroom.
The style today is all about featuring function and comfort, with clean modern lines, soothing color palettes, and quality, natural materials like beautiful tile, and chrome fixtures. Vintage details such as clawfoot tubs, classic vanities, and reproduction or salvaged fixtures are also popular. Whether earthy or nostalgic in feel, the modern bathroom is an inviting oasis, with a gentle footprint on the natural world.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hottest Dallas kitchen remodel trends

As a contractor providing kitchen remodel in Dallas, we are exposed to all kinds of design trends. We scout for the ones that are innovative or have enduring quality. The large, open kitchen and casual dining area are the center of the home today.
In recent years, many families are are living more closely, and more communal spaces are a hallmark of today’s homes. In keeping with this, many people are converting to great rooms, where there is easy flow between kitchen and living room, maximizing space as well as a sense of togetherness in the home. Casual dining areas are more popular than formal dining rooms, and many families prefer to eat at barstools or the breakfast nook rather than in a traditional dining room. Today’s families are busy, and our kitchens are not just places for food prep, but for multi-tasking- they are bill-pay centers, homework stations, and places for family connections to occur in the midst of our busy lives. Open kitchens with kitchen islands are hot in today’s homes. There is also an emphasis on practicality in the kitchen, as throughout the home. People are looking for organization, with walk-in pantries and home command centers being popular kitchen features. There is also a lot of interest in health and green features: non-toxic prep surfaces, built-in water filters, and high-tech energy-efficient appliances.